Buying domains from Namecheap

Malcolm was telling me about this domain registrar called Namecheap which supports credit/debit card payments as well as PayPal funds transfer for only USD8.88 per domain name on a yearly basis. I registered for an account and tried out the service.

Interface was intuitive and easy to use. I am happy to report that on the whole, I am very satisfied with the service. I bought two brand-new domain names with my PBB debit card and transferred to it. It was very fast and efficient, payment was credited almost immediately. I would certainly suggest using Namecheap for your domain buying-spree needs.

Now its time to transfer some of the major domain names that I have to this new registrar….

My online empire is semi-functional

Some of my blogs have been down since yesterday and PayPerPost rejected some of my posts. Yet another lesson that I have learned is that never to put all your eggs in one basket and make sure that your activism blog is kept separate from your revenue-generating ones…because you never know when some moron will come along and complain to your host provider simply because he/she does not like the idea of free speech.

Anyway I’m moving that blog in question to a Malaysian web host, there will be no issue of anyone complaining now since the blog is not hosted in the United States of A.

Amazon Context Links Beta

Amazon has recently announced their Context Links Beta program, very similar to the way Kontera displays their ads. According to their blog:

Context Links are for people looking for an easy way to generate money from the content they write. Bloggers, review sites, and people that have archived pages that are currently not monetized are excellent candidates for Context Links.

I have just placed the code onto some of my blogs but have yet to gauge their effectiveness. So far they have not appeared yet but a demo of how the links work can be seen here and here (dotted underlined links are Context Links). It certainly shows much promise!