AuctionAds just paid me!

Yet another surprise in my inbox for me after the unexpected one yesterday….AuctionAds decided to pay me!


The earnings came from another website of mine which was using Amazon Omaske previously before I replaced it with AuctionAds. The reason I did that was because Amazon Omaske was showing a lot of anti-Islam book titles (yeah, it was on an Islamic website) with no way of filtering them out. With AuctionAds, all I did was to put in keywords related to the website content and voila! All relevant products came out. That must have been the reason why I’ve managed to secure these earnings.

Money seem to be dropping out from the sky onto my lap these past few days :mrgreen: Let’s hope this good run will continue.


    1. hey guys used to be with google ads and used to make a fair bit of money, but now we have crappy ads
      ( that only pay 1/10 of what google paid, so we now need donations, just wondering if anyone knew of a site that has ad’s that will pay the same amount of money as google does?

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