Bloggers’ salaries, hmm?

I came across this List of Bloggers’ Salaries quite by chance. Err, this blogger was somehow listed as well. I am not sure how I ended up in the list though. Since publishing my January 2007 earnings, the amount has fluctuated up and down, depending on the rate of my blogging. So 14K is not an accurate annual amount of how much I’ve earned from blogging. In fact, I think I could earn twice as much, if not for the lousy and screwed up service that the only ISP monopoly in this country is givin’ me. Eh, its not that I’ve earning enough to buy juicy couture clothes for every family member.

But I’m happy with what I have. After all, it is only Man who proposes but God who disposes.


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      RE: cincindiamond – i would not be surprised if i was lol

    2. Does anyone have a PR contact list for business/employment journalists/bloggers and corporate newsletters based in/covering Long Island, New York?

      Anyone have a list I can have? Or can I snag your bacons/vocus/etc login for 20 min? Or can you run a specific query for me?

      I am doing a favor for a friend but on the road in Malaysia and have very little access to any of my resources.

      THANK YOU!

    3. It would be great if the list has the stats and number of readers or bloggers visiting daily beside the title.

    4. Tiscali is an internet ISP and communications company. But when you want to cancel your dial-up or broadband, they refuse to deal with you by email and demand that you call them on an 0871 number. This means that you have to pay (they get a cut from 0870 and 0871 numbers) to have your services terminated. Isn’t this a charge on cancellation? They will gladly receive new business by email and on the net.
      One of the answer is grossly uninformed. You can get email without an ISP e.g Yahoo, gmail, etc. And, of course you can access the internet by going down to the local library (UK, at least). And, haven’t you heard of secure email? Please, answers from the 21th century!

    5. How do I find a list of youtube, fashion and beauty bloggers, I’m trying to find some thirty plus vloggers, as when i type it into Google the ones that come up are all really young ie: teens and early twenties.. Preferably in the UK ?

    6. Hello, I need your help. See, I have blogs on Blogger and WordPress…but wordpress isn’t really working out for me and blogger is getting a bit boring…no offence to the users. I wanna know other blog sites that are free and really good. Or at least a list of a couple blog sites so I can look for myself. Please and Thank you soooo much.

    7. And yet we win anyways!

      The media, politicians, the poor, the libtard army of bloggers….the list goes on and on. But seriously, why is everything against us all the time. It seems like a conspiracy, but not like one we don’t triumph over anyways. Very odd…

    8. I tried,, bloggers, soulcast and livejournal.

      I want a blog site that lets me publish my journal, thoughts online and the whole world could read and comment abou tit.

    9. Im a huge Anime fan! Absolutely huge!lol. But i wanna try a few J-RPGs and wanted a list of your guys favorites in order of best to worst if you can,lol. Im a gigantic Final fantasy fan and am getting 13 tomorrow actually but i want a little variety. Ive looked into the Tales series and it looks pretty awesome! Tales of Vesperia looks like my kind of game, graphix and story seems just right, ive also looked into Star Ocean the last hope and it looked okay but ive just heard so much bad feedback from it its rediculous!lol….Tales of vesperia has been on everyones favorites list so far, all the bloggers rant about it,lol….but what are some other good J-RPGs out there that are pretty awesome??? Good storyline, has a good ‘Anime’ feel to it, characters, scenery, plot, music, weapons, fighting etc…the whole shabang!lol… if you could put a list together of your best to worst, 1 being best and 10 being worst perhaps,lol…..Thanks so much 🙂

    10. I’m new to this blogger thing and about to sign up for it. Whats the point of it? Can you use it for selling things like online catalog?

    11. When I log onto my Yahoo mail, I’m inundated with the blogs of people in my contacts list. Some of these people are members of organizations to which we both belong, but I don’t know them. I’m not interested in joining their discussions or reading their minute-by-minute accounts of their lives. Is there any way to delete this other than delete the contact? I’m not very computer-savvy, so you’ll have to go slowly!

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