Bloggerwave, the newcomer to paid blogging

Bloggerwave is a new paid blogging service allowing bloggers to earn from posting about the advertisers that are subscribed to their network. All one has to do is to register for a Bloggerwave account, pick an opportunity, write about that opportunity, and get expected to be paid within a month. Here is the chart which illustrates these simple steps.


I kinda like the way the service is presented, but unfortunately at the moment there are only two advertisers with them. I think they would need to build up interest for advertisers to choose their service first before bloggers can register and take opportunities from them. In any case, Bloggerwave is a good addition to the industry. I think they have a potential to be successful if they work on their strengths and correct their weaknesses.


    1. Some advertisers make us think about issues to help sell their product. Like coca-cola ads. They say they have 30 % recycled plastic bottles. We think by buying their product, we solve global warming. Is there any other advertisers who do the same thing with a different issue ? Thanks in advance!

    2. I am looking at doing a fund raiser coupon book in my area and just curious what is a fair price to ask from advertisers, we will probably be mailing out 5000 or so coupon books, but I want to make sure I am not trying to ask for too much $$$ and also not way to little. But I do wnat to be the best “deal” in the area compared to other mail out coupon packages.

    3. Seeking direct links or contacts within advertisers/marketers of national accounts such as Burger King, Coca Cola, etc? How does a creative outsider get his foot in the door to communicate / pitch advertising concepts? Serious responses, please. I need real suggestions. Thanks- pb2u2

    4. I have a BA in Communication and have spent 2 years in sales/customer service. I am willing to move anywhere in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri or Wisconsin. I’d love to find a state job or an organization that offers a pension for long-term commitment, but can never seem to find anything. I don’t really care what I do, but I learn quick and work hard. Does anybody know of an opportunity that might be available to people willing to relocate?

    5. I’m a new sports website owner and I’m currently in search of companies to advertise on my website. We currently have great traffic and I know advertisers would be willing to purchase ad spots on my website.

    6. every freaking minute nickolodeon keeps get a commerical break. they keep showing the same “HOW TO ROCK CEE- LO GREEN COMMERICAL.” its so focking annoying. has advertisers been that greedy for money? Every 15 minutes I hear that stupid commerical. Not only that but youtube is now showing ads before the videos what the hell? How can we stop advertisers from showing the same commerical over and over?

    7. When I search for a website, then click on a oink, my computer automatically goes to a variety of advertisers websites. It won’t direct me to the website I want to go to.

    8. I am starting a new website and don’t know how to approach potential advertisers. Is there a standard form or business letter to send, or is there a more general way of solicitation?

    9. Am a newbie to blogging and was wondering how you get advertisers for your blog? Like google, or mine is pet related so Purina, Iams, etc

    10. I want to start up my own PPC advertising network like Google Adsense/Adwords, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, etc.

      Question is, how do you get advertisers to join the network and offer money to publishers to click the ads?

    11. In The Social Network, they refer to Advertisers and VCs as sources needed for the project to be supported. What are they exactly?

    12. I have a reasonably busy site (1000 visits pd).
      I would like to know if its possible to attract interested advertisers using any other means other than “do u wish to advertise on this site” (i.e. – through other techniques perhaps like forums/adwords/whatever else)?

      Previously a suggestion of $30 per banner per month was suggested for a site receiving 1000 targeted visitors daily which i believe is way too low! Is there a better costing model to work on?

    13. How much do advertisers have to pay for a full page add in Newsweek magazine? or a general amount advertising space for a large magazine would cost?

    14. how do advertisers use contrast to make sure that their ads are noticed? Would the lack of contrast between the ad and the medium in which it appears help or hinder the effectiveness of the ad?

    15. I have just put up a website and want to know how to get advertisers and what to charge for links to other sites from my site.

    16. I have a website that is similar to “youtube”. it is . the difference is, is that it is an all sports version. I am currently looking for advertisers. the good part is that we have 350,000 hits in 13 days. now I have done a lot of research on pricing. but now I am just looking for people to advertise. Another question I have is are there companies out there who will find advertisers for you? Any help would be much appreciated.

    17. I heard that if you load a website page and it has ads anywhere on the page, just by loading and viewing the ad(s) earns the advertisers money. How? Who’s paying them money? I’m not paying any money to look at the ads that I’m looking at, so who is? And why are they getting paid money when all people do is simply LOOK at their ads, without even clicking on them?

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