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Blogging Ads is a new paid blogging service. Actually, they are not new. They have been around since November last year, but they relied on giving offers via e-mail and the maximum offers that you can take is two per blog. But now they have unveiled their new website, and the process is not only automated, but you can take as many offers that are available from them. You may have noticed some posts for Blogging Ads on this blog, I posted them here as an experiment.

Lets see whether they will keep their promise of paying bloggers on a weekly basis. If they do, I will certainly recommend this programme to bloggers. Don’t stop yourself from registering with them however.


    1. there are lot of web asking money to enrol in for data entry and ad posting are they real can you help me giving me genuine web address and detail how this system work.

    2. What type of services would you like to see in a new Online Dating service?

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    3. what is clickbank? how will this add revenue to blogging? what are the ways to profit or to improve revenue in blogging by Ads?

    4. or do they actually have to visit my site AND click on the ads for me to make any money? I know that it depends on the ads and that some pay very small amounts of money for impressions, but is there a way to make good money just off page visits? Any expert bloggers on here?

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    7. Hi, I want to start a blog but I’m not sure about some things so I if someone who knows more about this could explain it to me I’d greatly appreciate it! 🙂

      What is the most used platform for blogs? I wanted to get a tumblr but it’s mostly people posting pictures of stuff from what I’ve seen…are there any popular tumblrs that write more/post stuff about themselves instead of just pictures?

      If I get a blog on wordpress, and I want the url to be (random example), would I have to buy that url and how would that work? Do you pay once a month or once a year or what? Also, how would I sync it with the wordpress or whatever?

      How do people get their blogs to be really popular? If anyone has any tips I’d appreciate it 🙂

      And lastly, I’ve heard that by putting ads on their blogs people can earn money. I’ve heard of AdSense, is there anything better than that? Also do you earn money everytime someone clicks on the ad from your blog, or just by having the ads there on your blog? What other sites are there that put ads on your site? Can you use AdSense with tumblr as well?

      thank you SO much in advance, I really appreciate your help 🙂

    8. I want to start a middleman service and I’ll have to deal with money(online). What service is the cheapest to use. I will need to hold the money from client B(buyer) until I can validate the items of client A(seller) and then I release the money to client A. My business is not US based and I will work with people from all around the world. What is the service for online money transfer with lowest or no fees involved for cross-country payments?

      Thank you

    9. I wanted to rake in some extra cash, and blog ad money seems to be the way to go these days. If my blog achieved mild populaity and I had a google adsense bar about how much do you think could be made? What is it about 5 cents per click?

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    13. Can you tell me which one is the best blogging tool?
      Is it blogger-beta or or TypePad? Dont miss LiveJournal or VOX. A hosted moveable type will also be good.

      My requirement is an AD free blogging service with lot of features. Well, I will prefer a free solution rather than a paid one.

    14. I know they get paid per click but how much money do they really make? I am not talking about big sites like yahoo and facebook, but smaller web sites for blogging, something like, or even porn websites. Is there a lot of money to be made from creating a website with a useful/creative purpose?

    15. I was also wondering if it is easier to set a website and get paid or is it easier to get paid for blogging? What are some of websites for this type of thing.

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