Blogitive has a new design

I logged into the Blogitive control panel to finish off a job offer I took last night (it was still using the same old interface at the time) and was amazed at the new design of the interface.


Its a bit strange that they choose to change their interface on the same day I changed the interface for one of my websites, coincidence? Anyway, I like this new interface. Web 2.0 look, rounded corners buttons and now the text look more attractive and easier to read. Red is a nice colour, too.


    1. Yeah..notice it too..Notice it when I’m checking new offer available for me to be posted on my blog.

      New design…new hope…hope many offer coming after this..:D

    2. I was offered a job verbally and took the offer about a month a go. I am suppossed to start the 4th,. The thing is another better offer came and I had to take it.
      How do I write a letter stating my decline?

      Thank you !

    3. What’s a polite and tactful way to decline a job offer during the actual job interview? It always makes me uncomfortable when I think that I want the job, go to the interview and decide I don’t, and then have already been made an offer. How do I decline a job offer during the actual interview? I’ve tried before and the employer was pushy and wouldn’t accept my answer.

    4. When I joined my current employer, I signed a job offer (giving start date, salary and annual leave entitlement) and returned a copy to them. I am desperate to leave and only want to give two weeks notice as my previous employer had offered me my old job back. I’ve been here less than 6 months. Can they insist on me working 4 weeks notice. I have never received a formal contract. Is my job offer, my contract of employment?

    5. I recently got a job offer for 40 hour a week position. The benefit package is good but I a little disappointed with the salary offer. I haven’t been in the job market for many years. Is it common to negotiate after they have made you an offer?

    6. What does a person do if they get a better job offer right after you start working for another company? Scenario: I just started working for company A one week ago. Today, I get a job offer from Company B which is the job that I really wanted. I took job A because unemployment in my state does not pay worth crap (basically min wage). Job A is $11.25/hr and job B is $15-$17 hour. How do I handle this? Job B is the job that I really wanted, but they were dragging their feet.

    7. i’m thinking coincidence only happens once.. but if it’s fate it’s gonna keep happening or will keep showing up in your life! am i right?

      what do you think?

    8. Karen is considering a job offer from a competing company. At her current position, she makes a base salary of $2750 per month plus a commission of 3% of all sales over $7500. The new job would pay a smaller base salary of $2250 a month, but the commission would be 5% of all sales over $5000. Karen averages sales of $11,500 per month at her current job. She has been assured that her average monthly sales at the new job would be about $16,000. Assuming this is true, which job pays better? Show your work!

    9. I need to write a letter declining a job offer, because the salary I was offered was not what I have planned. I would like to write it in a polite manner, because I believe they are trying to negotiate with me. Please help me..Thank You so much!

    10. I’m about to interview for a job and there are three positions open. I am only looking to go for one of them. The others are too stressful. I want to let them know at the end of the interview that I’d only like to be considered for a certain one. How should I say it? If they do offer me the job I DON’T want, how do I decline it?

    11. I got a voicemail extending a job offer today, and I still have a second interview at another place Tuesday of next week, what should I do, and how long can I postpone this process? I would like to see where the second interview goes with the other job with better benefits. Thanks!

    12. If the job description says $45-$55k and they offer me $45k (or lower), what do I say? I don’t meet 100% of the qualifications, but I know I am an excellent FIT for the job. Should I ask for something higher like $55k (which I would love), or should I keep it somewhere around $52ish?

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    14. Let’s say the salary range would be 14-18K and you’ll have a job offer now. What is the proper reason and enough reason to tell the HR that you are aiming for the 18K salary? How will you defend yourself that you deserve the 18K if you are only a fresh graduate?

    15. I have just recently accepted a job offer. The offer letter states the month the company wants me to start, but it did not state the exact date. Should I assume that my starting date is the first day of that month? Or should ? contact the employer to find out the exact date?

    16. I recently got a job offer for 40 hour a week position. The benefit package is good but I a little disappointed with the salary offer. I haven’t been in the job market for many years. Is it common to negotiate after they have made you an offer?

    17. I have officially accepted a job offer. Right after that I had another offfer from where I live. I’m a home owner. I’ll need to sell my house if I need to relocate. Can I decline the offer I have accepted already, so I don’t have to relocate?

    18. I got a job offer 2 days ago, and I accepted. Can they terminate that offer after doing a Background check? The reason i’m asking is only because of not having good credit? The job offer and position was for a BANK!

    19. What is the best way to say you don’t want the job offer after all because you want to stay with your current company because they are going to match the pay? I need help ASAP!

    20. I am curious about how someone financially independent moves to NYC, gets an apartment but doesn’t have at least 6 month employment yet. Is it enough to have 2-3 months rent, good credit and a verified job offer letter from an employer. I wouldn’t want to use a guarantor especially if I will make more money than them, I want to do it on my own. So if you have experience doing this please let me know.

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