The cheek of some people

Its really amazing how someone can say one thing to you, and say something else completely the opposite of what he thinks of you to another person. I have been on the receiving end of that apparently. There is this one webmaster (I am not going to mention names) who is really a talented designer. I have provided work for him in the past and I like to think of him as a good friend whom I will help whenever he is in need. For additional local online investment visit hyip-wiki. Well, to cut a long story short, I agreed to allow him to use my wife’s AdSense account for his website(s) after he was banned for no apparent reason. He did put it up for three weeks after we pretty much trashed out the details…but all of a sudden, he pulled the plug by removing all the AdSense code and discontinued communication with me without telling me the reason why.

Turns out that according to another webmaster I’ve been communicating with, he does not trust me. The irony of that statement is because a few days ago, I received this forum message from the guy.


Do you have any free vbulletin license that you are not using?

Can I use it just for few months for my new forum I am thinking about to launch?

After few months if I see some potential in the forum I will buy the license from you, if not then you can let me use it until it is free and you are not using it.

Or if you have some other idea you can tell me?

Obviously I did not reply to him.

Wow….I find this kind of attitude very hypocritical indeed. I tried to help and I get back-stabbed for this? Some people really have a very thick skin!

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    1. I heard that lying and backbiting break your fast.
      Is it true?
      Can you give me some evidence from the Quran or hadiths?
      And what do you do if you break your fast for an invalid reason?

    2. How does a minor make a Google adsense legally? Does Google adsense take tax out of your check or do they take it out of the payee’s bank account?

    3. Where else (other than the Western Countries) can newly arrived immigrants move to & then start demanding that the country change & adapt to suit their beliefs & values???? I don’t believe the cheek of some people. They agree to live under the Aus flag,rules,values etc to gain access, then they start demanding we change our ways,our laws, our culture to suit their own personal agenda’s. EG..halal related issues including food ingredients, meat, food outlets, dress, Islamic finance for the Muslims in Melbourne and Australia!!!! People this is Australia! our values,culture & society has been based on predominately christian values. Yet christians don’t demand our industries cater to their preferred eating habits OR demand christian values in the finance industry Or Demand people dress in a certain way!!
      What gives one religious group the right to start demanding Aus change.When they entered Aus they agreed to live under the Aus flag & they can still practice their own beliefs just like anybody else. But.. don’t expect Australians to have all the fanatical ideas shoved in their faces or in their communities. I wonder if christians could go to Iraq & demand christian values,holidays etc be celebrated nationally??? Maybe go to Japan & start demanding they change their culture to accommodate a minority?? I dont think so!!! No, nowhere in the world could you ask to live & then start demanding change. Only here in Good Old Soft Australia!!! I for one am sick of it. Many thousands of diggers died fighting for Our Australian Way of Life & now its all starting to get picked to pieces there will be nothing left of the Australian way of life if this continues. What are we going to tell our children in years to come when Australia becomes a country just like the countries alot of these immigrants have come from?? That’s what I don’t get.. If the lifestyle, values,beliefs etc are so good why didn’t they work in the countries they have come from??? Why bring it here to our country?? Come on people have some respect for the country that has allowed you to start a new life free from oppression & regulated ideas & beliefs. If you want to keep your own values/culture thats fine do it in the privacy of your own homes because we dont want it in our suburban backyards!!!! Have a little bit of respect for our country & our way of life, after all isnt that why so many people want to live here..its the Aussie way of life that is so appealing!!!!!!!

    4. I have heard of other programs related to google adsense such as Adbrite, but I wanted to know which ones are more profitable and popular. Also, does yahoo have an adsense related program? Has anyone tried it?

    5. I am thinking of getting cosmetic surgery to create dimples in my cheeks. However, some people say that “artificial” dimples permanently appear on the face. In other words, they look fake because they appear regardless of whether a person smiles or not. On the other hand, others say that they will appear only while the suture is not yet absorbed by the mouth. Im confused…. Which is which? Thanks!

    6. I recently decided to turn on adsense after my post. The ads look great and content is awesome I just can’t see the impressions in Adsense. I have always used adsense code and inserts it into to certain areas and tracking no issue with channels. How can I track the impressions with adsense under my post, since you can’t pick a channel?

    7. Ok, you know how when greeting someone, some people give the double cheek kiss.. How exactly does it work? Do u actually kiss the persons cheeks? Or just kind of air kiss next to them? It always makes me uncomfortable, but it’s not like u can stop them and be like “um, actually i dont do the double cheek kiss thing”… Somebody help…

    8. There’s a teacher who I honestly could not stand and I want to give her a poor rating. However, I also don’t want to be backbiting. Any input on whether you think this would be backbiting or not?

    9. I caught “The Ugly” when I was 13 and it got really severe when I was 17-21. Now I have ice pick scars all over my cheeks. Some people tell me it isnt even noticeable, but whenever I look at myself in the mirror I usually cover that part of my face with my hand so I don’t get depressed.

    10. Ughhhh, some girls at school just piss me off. I call em names behind their back, and I dont want to, but like OMG. They’re madd annoying and they wear such slutty clothes.

      So anyway, how can i refrain or stop backbiting?
      Any tips?

    11. I already Kiss My friends that are girls in the cheek but it’s this one girl i want to her kiss her cheek and make her think “DAMN!!! I love it when he kisses my cheek.” And she wants me to give her a kiss because she actually points at her cheek for it. So any of you answerer’s have any advice and tips.

    12. I just put Google adsense on my tumblr blog and have made 300 US dollars in my estimated earnings. this is my first month doing this. what types of payment does google adsense offer? i don’t have a checking account, only a savings account.

    13. They look kind of like scars or stretch marks. I’ve seen them on a few black people around london, england. Just wondered what they were.

    14. I have found that my close friend has indulged in gossping about me behind my back and i want to know how to deal with it..i am devastated to know this…but i am full of hatred and anger now..pls help

    15. Sometimes my parents tell me to lies about various things, so what do i do? When i do it i feel REALLY bad and I know I have sin…i’m so scared of the hell-fire….What is back-biting?

    16. I’ve been considering adding Adsense to some of my websites, but I’m not really sure I feel comfortable providing Google with all the private information they are requesting. Before I go through the headache of setting it up, I’d just like to get a feel from others — do you like Adsense? How much do you make in a month? I realize there are a lot of factors that influence the value of a website, but I’m just curious as to what people on average are experiencing.


    17. Hi, i have some homework for biology in which the questions is that how many chromosome would you find in a Human Cheek Cell and an Human Egg Cell.

      Thanks, i require the answer ASAP
      Can someone give a brief description on to why human cheek cell has 46 and egg cell has 23…please!

    18. By peek on the cheek I mean a shy kiss that means that the person wants to kiss you on the mouth later!

    19. I need to find a friend for my 2 yr old green cheek so he has company. He is really attached to me and thought getting another one will keep him company so he doesn’t get lonely when i’m away.

    20. Every now and then i chew the inside of my cheek in my sleep. And when i wake up i get this raw spot in my cheek i hate it.

    21. I’m not a stranger to piercing, so I know the standard care procedures, and the risks that come with any piercing (infection, hepatitis, etc.). I was just contemplating a cheek piercing and wondering if anyone knew what other risks were involved.

    22. Seriously, what do you think of people who are very busy on cyber like on face book, YA or myspace, gossiping, backbiting, and spreading rumors?

    23. I have a gap around my eyes where there should be bone/muscle which makes my bottom lid droop and makes me look very severe.

      I don’t literally mean theres nothing there just not as much as there should be. My cheek bones at the front are very flat.

      Also I think the muscle connected to my cheek bone is too low.

      This really affects me so if anyone can help please do.


    24. I have a chubby face, and except for maturing and getting older and running, I can’t think of a different, easier way to get rid of my chubbiness! I just want high cheek bones and less fat on me face and cheeks.

    25. The last 2 times she’s eaten popcorn, she gets an abscess in her cheek, which hurts, and it doesn’t go away for at least a half hour. She’s never had anything like this happen before.

      Any idea what is causing this?

    26. Please answer ASAP!!!
      Question: What causes the shape of a cheek cell to be different from the shape of an onion’s epidermal cell?
      Answer: The cheek cells does not have _____________ as do the cells of plants like onion.

    27. I heard that the painfil blisters on the tongue, root of the mouth, and gums are herpes. But what are those painless water blisters that come in the cheek area?

    28. I have a dimple on my left cheek but i really dont like it. I love to smile a lot cuz im a very happy person. My boyfriend has always something to say about it, no joke. Even my teachers say things about it but they all say it’s cute. I don’t like it because it grabs a lot of attention and I really don’t like that. What do you guys think?

    29. I already Kiss My friends that are girls in the cheek but it’s this one girl i want to her kiss her cheek and make her think “DAMN!!! I love it when he kisses my cheek.” And she wants me to give her a kiss because she actually points at her cheek for it. So any of you answerer’s have any advice and tips.

    30. My sheltie (7 yrs) is having a problem with her cheek swelling. She does not whimper when i touch it or rub it, she eats dry dogfood and she doesn’t have any discomfort. This leads me to beleive that it is not a bad tooth. Any ideas on what i can do? How can i help her?

    31. I’ve been biting the inside of my cheek for years and i just can’t stop. Most of the time I dont even notice, and i’m scared of gettin an infection. So i’m trying to stop my bad habit now before something serious happens. Any Suggestions?!

    32. Not cagemates, but do you think they’ll get along on a giant playgym together? I love their songs and they’re so cute and I’ve done research, but I don’t know how compatible a parakeet would be with my green cheek conure. I know it depends on their personalities too, but what do you think? I have a friend who has a bonded pair that’s a green cheek and a parakeet. They’re adorable together. So I know it’s possible.

    33. I went to lay down and a pain shot up my cheek and I took a nap. Woke up and went to brush teeth and my right lower wisdom tooth began to bleed a lot when I brushed around it. I had 1 removed but the dentist said my other ones are fine. Should I go get it checked out?

    34. Is it possible to make your cheek bones stick out more on your face, so you get a model look. Or if not, is it possible to excercise your face to reduce cheek fat?

    35. Some kpop singers have really nice and distinct cheek bones and even when they don’t smile, they still look so handsome and pretty. I do not really have a high and distinct cheek bones. Is it because of baby fats on the cheeks? Or is it because of other factors that I do not have a nice and distinct cheek bones even when I do not smile. I really hope someone can give me some help on how to shape my cheek bones like massaging my cheeks or what. Thank You! 😀

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