Earning online is not impossible

When I first started my online venture, I did get a lot of flak offline and online. Many people I met were actually skeptical that I would get involved into something which is not really recognised as a (traditional) “job”. Several moronic bloggers (whom I shall not name here) even blatantly chastised me publicly by saying that this is an euphemism for being “jobless”. Of course, what they do not know is that I was not “forced” into starting up my ventures online due to unemployment or anything of the sort. I chose to do what I did because I really wanted to do it. I certainly cannot imagine myself sitting at a desk from 9 AM to 4 PM like an office drone (think Hiro Nakamura of Heroes fame) or take orders from someone who looks down on you just because she thinks you build websites as a “hobby”.

Well, I have proved all the skeptics wrong and I am still doing my online business today, since having started it in mid-2006. I even bought Project Petaling Street in early 2009 with the money I earned from my internet ventures and am currently consolidating it with other services such as my free URL shortener. Here is the latest screenshot of my earnings from PayPal for February 2010, thanks to my online ventures (its not limited to blogging only).

The latest three transactions was from a technique I call “Smart Blogging“, the rest are earnings from other online ventures such as directories. Who said you cannot earn money from the internet or from blogging, for that matter? I hardly call this being “jobless”.


    1. I am a 16 year old girl and i really want to go on a student exchange to the USA but it costs 10000 not including other expenses so about 20000 dollars all together. I need to have the money and apply by this october otherwise it would be too late. I know it seems to be impossible but if any of you out there have any ideas of how to make $20000 in 7 months please please please tell me. Thank you very much
      thank you very much tnzzzzzz

    2. I’m wanting to become a veterinary tech. But I work full time and its almost impossible for me to go to a campus to earn my degree. Are there any good legit schools or programs that would be best for earning that sort of degree online??? I got some information on Stratford Career Institute from a friend…but I have no idea if its legit or not. If anyone could help and give me some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

    3. Photography has been a hobby if mine for years, but I never considered selling any of my pieces. I stumbled upon a few web sites that offered to help sell prints of your photos, but wanted some feedback before I get started. What web sites are the best for this type of thing? What has your experience been?

    4. I’m sixteen and I’m tired of the public school system. I did a couple of online courses this summer to get ahead so I could graduate faster but I’m really not looking forward to going back. So is it possible to get all my mandatory credits through homeschool and go back for a semester to graduate? I live in Ontario by the way.
      Uhm thanks, but I don’t need help with homework.

    5. I’m trying to book a driving test so I can drive this summer. However, I work full time and I’m finding it impossible to find anywhere doing a test in london on a saturday. I can get tests during the week but that means taking hard-earned holiday which kinda sucks, not to mention piling on the pressure to make sure I pass first time. Any suggestions for how to get one, or what it’s so hard? I know summer is tough and so are weekends, but there seems to be a seven-week waiting list for weekdays and no weekend tests at all for months. Is this normal?

    6. Where are some good places to get good free blogger templates?
      I know of pyzam but I would like to search others, what are some good sites?

    7. I want to go to this summer ballet program more than anything…it costs a lot of money though and my parents straight up said no…I want it so bad that I can’t give up on it though…I’m willing to work for it but I only have about 3 weeks to earn $3,000…it’s nearly impossible…if you have any ideas on how to make money or how to convince my parents that it’s worth it I would appreciate it sooo soo much! Thanks again!

    8. How to earn money not leaving from the house?
      I the student and I live to Russia and the majority of sites where it is possible to earn normally are intended for inhabitants or the USA or the Great Britain.
      Whether there is an opportunity to work in any company and to do real work instead of that that offers the majority of sites where it is necessary to bring the starting capital and you will grow rich but already all clearly that it is impossible.
      Please HELP!!!

    9. I’m wanting to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I need to get signed up right away, so I’m wondering which one has the best program and which one would transfer my credits I’ve already completed.

    10. I am currently disabled right now it is impossible for me to do any work outside my home, so anyway everything I’ve tried online seems to be an advertising scam or some survey scamming website.

      I’m trying to save up for a cool gaming computer only around $600 so that’s all I’m trying to make even if it took a few months.

    11. I want to get my teaching certificate. I already have a bachelors degree in sociology. No school around me offers just a ‘teaching certificate’, I would have to get a second bachelors degree that would take close to 2 years! I’m an adult with a mortgage, that just seems impossible. Are online degrees comparable?

    12. Please dont post anything dumb. I am really worried about if this is my choice and i am going into grade 10! Please tell me if they make good money like the ones that draw and go on the computer. Also how much per year and if you can earn more and mazimum money. Second if you have a PHD From Sherdian Do you get more.

    13. I’m looking for some really good battle games like adventure quest that you can play online or some really good battle games that you can download for free. Any help would be great. Thanks.

    14. Like, that’s what I want to do with my life, I want to become an actress. I’m not talking about becoming famous or becoming rich off of it or anything, I just want to make just enough to make a living off of it… But like, what are the odds??? Is it really that impossible, it sure feels like it is.
      yeah, I know I’ve got it all planned out… I’m going to double major in college in education and drama and become a drama teacher if it doesn’t work…

    15. Im looking for a free online game where i can play against other players and have the ability to chat with them like a chat room type chat. Any suggestions?
      Sorry for online for the computer

    16. I’m thirteen and I want to earn money on a daily/weekly basis. Other than babysitting, lawn mowing, pet sitting, washing cars, etc. Don’t do something totally impossible too, please. And no online stuff.

      I’m just a normal teenager trying to earn money, and I can’t legally work in any stores.

      Thank you.

    17. Does it matter where it’s at?
      Does it matter what sort of topic you’re studying or what job you’re going for? I’d like to go into electrical engineering.
      What is there to consider about prices?
      Thanks for your help!
      Thanks C W and College Coach! Accreditation is important.. thanks! And I found a site called degreedirectory.org that’s helpful.

    18. I missed way to much school a while ago and it has finally caught up with me. I need to make it up during summer. I need 2.50 credits to pass. I know it won’t be easy. I’ll have about 2 months to do it.

      If I spend a few hours everyday working at a fast pace, about how long would it take me to finish? Does 2.50 credits over 2 months sound nearly impossible?

    19. I used to be in the best shape and very active (just one short year ago) but some personal issues happened and I haven’t been physically active in a year. I have yet to get that drive I always used to have but want to get back to my old self. I don’t need “quick fixes” but I do need a quick ‘jump start’ if you will.

    20. Is there anyone out there who who is earning money online and has experience and knowledge of where to make work and make money online?
      Thank you so much!!

    21. I had been searching for an online business for past 4 months but nothing worked. I have hopes for the new year.

    22. I really want to read the young loaded and fabulous series but its not in the library. where can i read it online for free? please help.

    23. Im sure it is impossible to become a doctor with online classes but I want to know how close I can get online or what Good mecial job I can get a degree/certified for online?

    24. My wife has been suffering from Endometriosis, clinical depression, anxiety problems and her doctor feels confident she has fibromyalgia. We have been married for five years, I have been self employed up until this year, when we had to move from Nova Scotia to Toronto for more work. Unfortunately, we still are not making enough money to pay the bills. Does anyone know of any government programs she can take advantage of? She may be able to work from home online, but most involve the phone, which, on her bad days, she is unable to answer. Any help would be appreciated.

    25. I took a test online and passed it they said all I have to do is pay $299 and the they would sent my diploma. The website said all collages and jobs took that diploma so I called a few collages and they didn’t accept it. So I was wondering if there’s a website that I can receive my high school diploma online where. Like a program that you can take classes not just a simple test because I know that those are scams

    26. Is it hard to earn a college degree while serving in the Navy as Active Duty members?, How will you earn the college Degree? Is it supported by C.O.’s and/or recommended during your free time to attempt to further your education? Is it possible to earn a BA in a four year contract with the Navy?
      How was each person’s experience with College during active duty in the Navy? (opinion question)

    27. I am a stay-at-home mom whose looking for a way to earn an income from home. I have been scammed far too many times in the past and now I am beginning to think that its impossible to earn money online doing honest work! Can anybody please inform me if there really is something worthwhile that I can get involved in?

    28. i have 3 public disorder section 5 and one section 4 harrasement…all happened when i was bi polar on a manic episode unmedicated. Finding it impossible to get jobs as i cant even get past the hurdle of having to declare this. KFC would not even let me go through to the next stage online due to it. Im sure that is discrimitary? Is it illegal to lie. I just want to earn an honest crust and move on with my life.

    29. They pose as answers to questions, whenever I ask a question about careers. Who is dumb enough to go for these things? You can tell right away by the way that they are worded.
      I knew one of those stupid ads would appear!

    30. I used to play this game a lot. I got hooked. All you do is buy and sell houses until you earn enough money to buy the mansion, then you win the game. Does anyone know the name of this game? I know it’s posted on a few websites. Thanks!

    31. Is it actually possible to make $300-500 a week using a website with advertising or online surveys without waiting months?

    32. I want to buy phone cases and other phone products online and sell them from home but i don’t know if there are any legal requirements, like licenses etc. i would need to do this.
      what you goin on about…?

    33. I am trying to find a sample monthly budget online that tells me what percentage of my income should go toward each area.

    34. Please tell me the best site or sites to accomplish my goal. I’m just getting started here on Webanswers(about 5 weeks). Hoping to start seeing some sore of payout soon!

    35. i always go on sites like starnow.com but you have to pay for memberships etc. I’m 12 and i love to act i live in Norwich and in my area theres not many auditions and i can’t find any more online without paying can you help?

    36. I just recently got married and I live in the little state of Delaware.There is not a college that offers a pharmacy program in Delaware. The closest school is two to four hours away. I work fulltime in a pharmacy now as a technician and I would like to better myself and become a pharmacist but it seems impossible. Could someone please aid me in the right direction?

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