For the first time, I grabbed paid reviews from ReviewMe!

ReviewMe has introduced a new Advertiser’s Marketplace where the style is similar to the open marketplace of Blogsvertise and SponsoredReviews. I got that announcement via their e-mail a few hours ago:

Mohd Elfie Nieshaem, we are excited to announce our new Advertiser Marketplace at! In addition to our marketplace of premium blogs where advertisers can purchase individual reviews, advertisers will now be able to create campaign offers that you will have the option to accept. This new marketplace gives your blog a new way to make more money.

Your blog is approved for this new marketplace and we invite you to login and review all relevant offers that you can blog about now!


ReviewMe Support

True enough, I went to ReviewMe and for the first time, I see job offers pending for me. I grabbed those job offers ranging between $10 and $13, it was very quick and painless to do. There were other job offers at $5 but I decided not to take them up. Looks like I have more jobs to do and there is more pay for me now :mrgreen:


    1. Seriously if someone wants to sit around and blame jews/blacks/or whites for everything wrong in the world why demand people ostracize or cast them out…wouldn’t a free society voluntarily choice to not accept their viewpoint? Whether its found in Tea Parties, Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck, or Father Coughlin why shut down free speech just because it’s incendiary, “wrong”, or you disagree?
      I just don’t understand why people put so much effort into having a personality removed from the airwaves or group not being allowed to exist…why not just compete with the content of your ideas?

    2. there is a term for it in Tagalog wherein people sell produce, meat, fish and poultry products in the open area. I honestly dont find this healthy, looking back how it was more than a decade ago when I left Philippines.
      To Astarboy,

      No doubt, the meat, fiish, and poultry products are fresh-at the start of the day. I remember, they put ice cubes to the fish they sell(well, that’s good thing)-but have you ever noticed the meat and poultry products i am questioning- they stay there all day out in the open with nothing keep to their freshness or whatsoever. I wouldn’t buy them stuff if i had to go do groceries. Sometimes the meat products are mixed with poultry products-good way of getting contaminated with salmonella poisoning
      I like their vegetables- they are all fresh right from the farm-no question about it.
      I don’t know, it may be asking for costly budget, but the government should start providing feezers or coolers for the meat and products for merchants to maybe rent. Or that make it all private franchise and everyone shouls just put up their own grocery store with their own coolers and freezers- kind like the chinatown- fruits and vegetables-can be sold in the open.

    3. Other bigoted, hate spewing talk show hosts and his competition?
      Things aren’t looking good for el Rushbo
      Lol, it’s just a list of advertisers – I know you righties only accept propaganda from conservatives so when I cite actual quotes/statistics I go with more ‘reputable’ sources.

    4. Small businesses will advertise in my new magazine. What is the best way to let them know about my new magazine and the opening sale pricings its having. I don’t want to just send out flyers or brochures.

    5. I see so many people posting long ads regarding making money on cash crate and it is a big ole scheme. I wonder if Yahoo gets a cut from all these postings for cash crate, lol.

    6. The new honda advertiser is worst, mr. Opportunity is far better than him. Pls. Honda grow up, look at fiat with jlo.

    7. A postcard size ad from the competition cost the advertiser approx. $400.00, we can fit (4) four on a page or $1600.00 per page- Times 12 pages you have to sell equals approx $19,000 per month. You can make tons of money.
      All you have to do is sell, each and every day and we will help.

      You may ask why don’t we just sell ourselves – we can’t get to every business, everywhere, everyday.

      Once you establish a territory, open up a second area or recruit someone to manage and help set up a territory and make even more.

      Here is how that works:

      Lets say you sell a page for $1200.00 (list price is $1600. 00, but, you give a discount to new advertisers for trying you out) times 12 Pages = $14,400.00 each month.
      You bring someone aboard in an area outside of yours, lets say in the next town, so you can help them.
      You make 10% of what they sell $14,400.00 Times 10% = $1,440.00 once they are set
      You make 5% of what the third area sells $ 720.00
      You make 2.5% of what the forth area sells $ 360.00
      You make 1% of what the fifth area sells $ 144.00
      All together when you set up and help 5 areas and help make them money you will make $14,400 plus 720.00 plus 360.00 plus 144.00 = $17,064.00 each month.

      Yes they can do the same, just be careful of making sure your area is making you money each and every month, first.

      Answers are free ask as many as you want

    8. I want to start advertising by putting the advertisers sticker on the people’s cell phone back, users can earn about Rs. 100-150 per month by putting that and they can claim it by just showing sticker every month to one of our authorized center. Is this a good biz idea?

    9. I believe SMS, MMS, as well as Location Based Services are huge. Advertisers will be able to reach people via these mediums

    10. I purchased a Zune Card worth 1,200 points today. I redeemed the card, and I obviously want to buy things in the Zune Marketplace with it. I was going to buy a few episodes of South Park with them, and when I clicked the button to buy one of them, it said that I had no points. I closed the Marketplace and opened it back up again a few times. Same thing. Help?

    11. i have a blue magical giftbox that sells on the marketplace for 3,000 g,if i open up the box there is a huge chance it would lower in value,but may increase in value so what should i do?

    12. Blogging seems to be the hot topic recently. I get the website thing, the ads, the pay per click thing. Can anyone tell me how your blog is found during a search? For the sake of being generic, what is the likelihood that your post or even your blog will be seen? Are blogs cateorized by keyword searches as is anything else?

      Also, has anyone had any first hand experience “working with” with any of these sites please? If so, please explain or give details and examples. Sounds too good to be true to be paid by a corp. for writing about their topic selections.

      Many thanks in advance for serious responses. Don’t want to get scammed and or waste my time or the time of others.


    13. I have an information site that I want to come up on the search engines, reasonably high on the list. I’m very willing for the site to be reviewed. Who does the reviewing, though, and how do you communicate with them, too?

    14. I’m trying to create an account on, as a blogger, to earn a few extra bucks blogging and reviewing. However, as soon as I go to create an account and click “CREATE ACCOUNT” all it says is “Preparing to Create Account…Please Wait…”

      Why can’t I complete the registration? There is no error or anything I missed. Any ideas?

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