Giving an idea to SEO through link building

For those who don’t quite grasp the idea of how link building is possible for SEO (search engine optimisation), the infographic above should give a clear idea of how the concept of link building can be done, courtesy of Datadial London. Link building is considered as the “currency” of the World Wide Web. Without relevant links pointing to your website in large numbers, search engines such as Google will not be able to find and quickly index your web pages or rank your website well in their search engine results page. Your website will be buried under the plethora of other websites which have done their SEO homework well through link building. If you have no idea how to begin building links to your website, you can easily hire London SEO agency, which can do the relevant SEO work for you.


    1. Im just starting my own biz online and i need help with advertizing. I dont have any omney as i put it into the starting of this can anyone help. the products r great products i just need people to go to it to see gor themselves. i dont know how do do banners cuz theyre complicated!! anyone out there in the same boat?? or have u figured out a great way get traffic to your site???

    2. how do i get lots of views on my website i just made i need help i already tried ts25 but i didnt know how to worlk it any ideas?

    3. i am an interior designer just recently i have done my site thru rediff now i want to search in google or yahoo more effective what to do?

    4. I have to start a make believe business for a school project. I have to have statements and al kinds of paperwork but i have no idea what my business should be about. I want a funky and original business fit for a teenager i appeal to all of you to help and i hope it would be challenging;)

    5. I’m looking for a good place to outsource link building for my website that’s not too expensive. I will be adding 30 pages every 2 weeks with different topics that will continue to need more links added. I want mostly one way links. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    6. I have an idea in my mind to invent a product…anybody know a company that can do research and willing to produce the product. Anybody know if Davison Inventegration is a scam or not. I sent my idea to them but they require me to pay $685 to push through the idea…

    7. How is today’s internet tomorrow’s evolution? Give examples. 10points given for good examples and your views.
      Please give me LONG sentences not short answers.

    8. Well , I made a website with weebly , and I can’t seem to get more people to view my site!!! My site talks about various things , like the wonder of nature , and qutoes. I also have a helping section . Can anyone give me an idea to get more people to join?? Or some specific thing I should put in the site?? Thankyou!!
      Heres my site , feel free to drop by..

    9. Hey guys,
      I run a new Gears of War website at , and I was wondering what kind of content I could do that would make it “special” among other websites. Obviously for information on most games, people flock to GameFAQS, or websites like that.

      The website is mainly built around a community, but how is it possible to build a community when you only have a small one (7-10 people) to begin with? To see for yourself:

      Like I said this website is new, it’s only been around for about a week, so not everything is finished. But does anyone have any ideas about the kind of content I can add? Maybe some of your favorite things about other websites that keep you coming back? Just things that would help my website stand out, and give people reasons to visit my website over more general websites like gamefaqs and such.


    10. Hi there!
      I have tried many times to find a home job from my computer, but i didn’t success.
      I tried earning money through ads like Google Adsense, Amazon ads and many sites, but i didn’t gain anything that i hadn’t a lot of visitors on my blogs.
      I read a lot about SEO, and i tried to put public contents on my webpages, but there was no success 🙁
      I know that some websites provide simple ways to gain money like Flicker, but it isn’t enough.
      I have a Forex account at IForex, but i have no experience at forex market. Also i searched many times on the web. I am seeking for an online job since many years, and this is not my first time to do.
      My skills (I can help finding software solutions from the windows to the linux, that I have experienced with Windows versions, Ubuntu, Sabayon, Maemo, Android and also Symbian) I am about finishing PHP, Javascript study book soon, and i have experience at HTML tags and websites building. Any help please to find an online job?
      Pretend that i am a Big Noob asking 🙂
      Thank u in advance ! …
      Any help will be appreciated.

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