My Google AdSense account has been disabled

For the past several years ever since I became an AdSense publisher in 2006, I have come across or read horror stories of those whose accounts have been disabled by Google for various reasons, ranging from “invalid clicks” to “risk for our advertisers”. I never thought that this would happen to me, because I felt confident that because I have always been in good standing with Google and have received payments from them for years, my account will never be at risk of being banned. Furthermore, I have never told anyone to click on my ads, or click on the ads myself in order to inflate my own earnings. This is simply because I don’t believe that one should kill the goose in order to get the golden eggs.

Today, however, whatever trust I had in Google is shattered, because to my utter horror and dismay, the dreaded “Your Google AdSense account has been disabled” message has come into my e-mail.


We continually review all publishers according to our program policies ( and Terms and Conditions ( During a recent review of your account, our specialists found that it was not in compliance with our policies.

WEBMASTER GUIDELINES: Our program specialists regularly review sites in the AdSense program.

It is important for a site displaying AdSense to offer significant value to the end user by providing unique and relevant content, and not to place ads on sites with little to no original content. Additionally, Google ads
may not be placed on non-content-based pages.

Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they are seeking.

Because your sites violate the spirit of our policies, we have disabled ad serving.

For more information, please review our program policies ( ) and Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines (

As a result, your AdSense account has been disabled.

I don’t know why they think that my sites have violated their “Webmaster Quality Guidelines”, because I always either write the content myself or hire writers to write unique content related to my niche for me. It just doesn’t make sense for them to ban my whole AdSense account for what they think may be a “policy violation”….why can’t they just indicate which sites are the ones that offended them?

Anyway, I’ve sent an appeal for them to Google AdSense (which has a slim chance of being successful, since I am banned not because of invalid clicks) but I am looking beyond them for my monetisation efforts. I am going to start moving my ad publishing to Bidvertiser, I think I might be able to gain something from them. The migration will take place as soon as I can….after all, I have a huge network of niche sites that I need to review and start putting the Bidvertiser code.


    1. She had made an ad on Craigs List and there was a paragraph that caught my attention…

      She wrote:
      “We cannot afford the surgery, and if not treated, Delilah’s condition could worsen, causing blindness.
      If the infection spreads, it could kill my precious little Delilah”
      (Delilah is her dog).

      Now… there was another woman who made another ad responding to this one saying that the dog DOES need surgery, but if it doesn’t get it, it will NOT die.

      Which is true?

    2. Hi so my google adsense account got disabled.. because of copyright im guessing if i take down all the videos with copy right or get a really populuar video again will i be able to have account again?

    3. i did`t clicks on my adds but google adsense told me through email that your adsense account has been disabled and reviewing our records, we’ve determined that your AdSense account
      poses a risk of generating invalid activity.what does it mean plz help me

    4. by answering these questions
      1)Any data in your site traffic logs or reports that indicate suspicious IP addresses, referrers, or requests:
      2)Any relevant information that you believe may explain the invalid click activity we detected:
      3)Have you or your site ever violated the AdSense program policies or Terms & Conditions? If so, how? *

    5. my google adsense account has been disabled but i still have ads on my youtube videos. what does this mean? does anything happen if someone clicks on them? because if they’re there for no reason i’ll remove them

    6. Please I need help from someone with thorough knowledge in Google AdSense policies.

      I have a film review blog and I need to post film stills by using the ‘fair use’. By the way, the resolution or size is only 400×270.

      Will it lead to disabling my AdSense account or not? Cuz I really care too much of my AdSense standings.

    7. I got a mail from google saying my account was disabled for fraud clicks. anyways, i had about $35 unpaid amount remaining in my account. Will i ever get paid if google decides not to re-open my account?

    8. I’ve heard of a lot of accounts getting disabled for no reason and I was wondering if my account gets disabled after I’ve already gotten a check do I have to pay them back?

    9. I tried to ads 2 times. but now it’s showing account has been disabled. This is the big headache for me…pls guide me ,help me….

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    11. When its claimed inspiration has no evidence of existence, when the claims contained in it contradict each other, when the claims contained within it contradict reality.

      Virgins don’t have babies, water is not whine, loaves of bread do not magically multiply unless you are hiding a few under a magicians top hat and lepparcy and blindness cannot be cured by the touch of ones hand.

      According to Matthew, Jesus was born during the reign of Herod the Great (Matthew 2:1). According to Luke, Jesus was born during the first census in Israel, while Quirinius was governor of Syria (Luke 2:2). This is impossible because Herod died in March of 4 BC and the census took place in 6 and 7 AD, about 10 years after Herod’s death.

      The most ironic matter of all, if the Christian God is an authority and Jesus and he are the same entity, you would think that this “authority” would have a book in the bible named after him; but he doesn’t. It is all based on the words of others, hearsay. Mere hearsay can never be regarded as a form of authority, its unreliable and completely fallible.

    12. 1.hypothyroidism
      10.color blindness
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    13. Red-green color blindness is a sex-linked recessive trait in humans. A color-blind woman and a man with normal vision have a son. What are the chances that the son is color blind? If the parents ever have a daughter, what is the chance for each birth that the daughter will be color blind? (consider only the female offspring)

      Suppose that hemophilic male (X-linked recessive allele) ad a female carrier for the hemophilic trait have a nonhemophilic daughter with Turner syndrome. Nondisjunction could have occured in
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      e. the nonhemophilic daughter

    14. “Might I compare thee to a parrot`s beak
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      To all animal – lovers: I plead poetic license for a poem
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      ( metaphorically bleating, so to speak ). TY..

    15. Since as long as I can remember it seems guilt has been associated with sex, even masturbation typically, or at least often.
      With sex it seems more like i’m a burden to the girls and women I’ve been with (which by national average I would say is a low number) and God forbid the times (a couple) I’ve dated some who seemed to add guilt trips to my already existing issue, perhaps unwittingly, based in their own issues.
      I figured this type of thing might go away with time, but at almost 40 yrs old it’s safe to say it has not, and it seems age has only brought me wisdom of the fact that I have issues rather than any relief. It’s nearly to the point where it feels not even worth the mental strain, both dating/sex and masturbation. And while I’m having sex it seems mostly I’m trying to compensate for the feelings of failure and basically forget about my own pleasure to focus on doing things right for her, and thereby also end up spoiling any pleasure for myself.
      But in all it’s hard for me to even think about it at this point (even though now I’ve got a willing girl, hot, younger than myself, hot in bed, did I mention willing?) but it just makes me rue everything in the past. Maybe a bit like getting one’s eyesight for the first time a week before you die. And it just makes me spiteful for not having it before. Selfish right? Horrible for me to even equate blindness with a boner ferChristssake. I lost my virginity at 21 and then also spent a decade and a half in a stupor finding out I’m a (now 6 yr sober) alcoholic.
      Is sex even enjoyable? Or is it all a big PR ad campaign like CocaCola saying that it is the best thing in the world?
      At this point I’m not even sure I’m doing anything right, not even sure what condom size I am. Still definitely not sure how do do the “flirting game” thing.
      And then when I’m dumb-luck-y enough to stumble onto some hot sex (in theory) it’s just really guilt and fear.
      And largely I think the problem exists regarding any social situations really. Like I’m just in peoples’ way more than anything- or does that mean that is the way I feel about others? And if so, how can I pull my head out of my ass? Either way how can I? Either way it sucks and I feel like a societal misfit.

    16. Ok everyone. So my horse has uvietis(moon blindness) which means she is very sensitive to the u.v. rays of the sun in one eye. its auto immune so she has had it since she was born but it only shows up when the horse goes under a tremendous amount of stress. it is a manageable disease and not in any way fatal but eventually your horse is going to go blind, and my baby girl ivy right now is getting worse. she has recently had another flare up ( wwhen the eye gets cloudy and she cant very well, its sort of like a mini infection) but we got it covered and she is better. but today and monday i rode her, and i could tel something was off. she was spooking at litttle things on her right eye where its has uvietis and she would not go to the rail in the ring. you literally would have to turn her head to belly to get her on the rain, then she would just swirve off in the other direction. and if you asked for a trot or canter while trying to get her on the rail she would just put her head down and stop. she also kept side stepping and getting spooked. then when i would let her at loose rein she would keep her head sharply turned so she could see out of her good eye. no matter how much you kicked she wouldnt do anything you asked on that side. but then when you would go the other direction where her good eye is on the outside she would be fine ad go to the rail and do everything you asked of her.

      but anyway every time she has a flare up it causes irreversable damage to her eye and causes her to go blind more. and while she has uvitis she CONSTANTLY has to wear this mask that makes her look like a fly with two big bulging cups where her eyes are. i can tell she hates it and it makes me so sadd that have to make her wear that stupid mask.

      the vet gave us he option to have the eye taken out. it will be around 300 dollars and i can get a glass eye for her to make it look just the same and no one will ever know. at first the thought of that made me mad. i didnt wnt to do that to her and it would make me feel like i was giving up on her.but shes always in pain from that eye and now im having second thoughts. if i take hher eye out there will be no mare pain, no more medicine, no more flare ups, and no more mask. i have looked up and seen plenty of horses being blind in one eye and fine, they get along without any problem. but theres still that thought in my head of me just giving up on her. nd that crushes meD:

      but anyway i decided to see what u guys would do. would you have it taken out, or leave it in and let her go blind. idk..

      please no rude answers:)

    17. When it came to miracles, the first Christians did more than borrow the idea of Pagan miracles, they accepted the fact that Pagan miracles were real. In fact, miracles were seen as common during those days. The first miracle — flying — was performed by the “Samaritan Christ” (you knew there was a Samaritan Christ, right?), Simon Magnus. When he [Simon Magnus] was in Rome, he mightily disturbed the Church, and subverted many, and brought them over to himself, and astonished the Gentiles with his skill in magic, insomuch that once,…he…promised he would fly in the air; and…indeed he was carried up into the air by demons, and did fly on high in the air, saying that he was returning into heaven, and that he would supply them with good things from thence.

      The second miracle, performed by Jesus’ disciple, the apostle Peter, caused Simon to fall from the air — proving whose Christ had the greatest power. “I [Peter] stretched out my hands to heaven … and besought God through the Lord Jesus to throw down this pestilent fellow”, and… “When I had said these words, Simon was deprived of his powers, and fell down headlong”. [Constitutions of the Holy Apostles 6.9 (Third century? AD)]

      This is another one of those times ancient culture was incomprehensibly different from ours. We see miracles as way, way unusual — so unusual that when Jesus does them, we take that as proof he was divine. The point of Peter’s story here is that his Jesus-power was greater than Simon’s demon-power. The first Christians didn’t invent this understanding of miracles, they inherited it from the pagan culture around them.

      Examples of just a few Pagan god miracles before Jesus Christ—

      Asclepius healed the sick and raised the dead.
      Asclepius raised at least six dead men.
      Asclepius healed blindness.
      Asclepius healed a mute boy.
      Asclepius healed a lame man.
      Isis healed the sick.
      Isis cured blindness.
      Isis raised the dead.
      Pythagoras healed people and calmed storms.
      Poseidon crossed the water as the sea parted before him.
      Alexander the Great parted the sea.
      Lucian described men running on the sea and walking on water.
      Dionysus changed water into wine.

      You know that before Jesus, people believed in Gods. You know those pre-Christian Gods did supernatural things — that’s sort of what made them Gods. The supernatural things those other Gods did — those were miracles. In fact now you think about it, it’s hard to imagine a God who doesn’t do miracles. Miracles are one of the things that make a God a God.

      Was Christianity new and unique? Nope. Jesus did miracles — but Pagan Gods did them first. There are hundreds of books, thousands and thousands of miracles. Pick up any ancient text; Pagan or Christian, it’s got miracles in it. Guaranteed.

      The ancients had different rules. The sun traveled across the sky because God moved it, physically moved it. What made people sick was demon possession. And they didn’t mean sissy spiritual demon possession, they meant actual, physical demons living in your body, making you sick. Take away our rules and Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas any more. We know about science; we explain everything we see with a few invisible rules — Newton’s laws, radio waves, germs. Those rules create our picture of what the world is and how the world works. So it’s not hard to see how stories that make sense according to the ancients’ rules are impossible according to our rules. And when they’re impossible to us, we call them supernatural. Miracles. But for the ancients what we call miracles — that was just how the world worked.

      The first Christians did more than borrow the idea of Pagan miracles, they accepted the fact that Pagan miracles were real.

      Even the Catholic Church has acknowledged that there are parts of the Bible that simply aren’t true… especially regarding Genesis.

      So,the next time you’re in Church, ask yourself:”What about what I’m hearing was new and unique with Christianity, and what was already part of other religions in a culture where over and over again new religions were built with old myths? You’ll know you’re hearing about stuff that predated Christianity by hundreds of years — in a culture where over and over people built new religions out of old parts.

      It didn’t just happen with Christianity either, but in most ALL religions.

    18. My old Youtube account has been suspended for unkown reasons but the problem I have is that it is linked to my Google account I used for Adsense.

      I’d like to create a new official Youtube account for my Gaming Website where we provide Gaming Reviews etc but if we was to ever get accepted into the Youtube Partner Program I wouldn’t be able to use my Adsense as it is linked to a disabled account.

      How do I get around this? I’ve not used my old Youtube account in a very long time.

    19. Ok, so in November Google offered me AdSense on my YouTube videos because they had a certain amount of views…
      It was going OK, I slowly reached my goal of £60 in 4 months!
      But then a few days ago I got an E-Mail from them saying: Google AdSense Account Disabled


      After reviewing our records, we’ve determined that your AdSense account
      poses a risk of generating invalid activity. Because we have a
      responsibility to protect our AdWords advertisers from inflated costs due
      to invalid activity, we’ve found it necessary to disable your AdSense
      account. Your outstanding balance and Google’s share of the revenue will
      both be fully refunded to the affected advertisers.

      Please understand that we need to take such steps to maintain the
      effectiveness of Google’s advertising system, particularly the
      advertiser-publisher relationship. We understand the inconvenience that
      this may cause you, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and

      If you have any questions or concerns about the actions we’ve taken, how
      you can appeal this decision or invalid activity in general, you can find
      more information by visiting

      Yours sincerely,

      The Google AdSense Team

      I then filled out the appeal bit, and a few days later they replied back saying:


      Thank you for your appeal. We appreciate the additional information you’ve
      provided, as well as your continued interest in the AdSense program.
      However, after thoroughly re-reviewing your account data and taking your
      feedback into consideration, our specialists have confirmed that we’re
      unable to reinstate your AdSense account.

      As a reminder, if you have any questions or concerns about your account,
      the actions we’ve taken, or invalid activity in general, you can find more
      information by visiting


      The Google AdSense Team

      This is really bad as making videos is what I love and enjoy, and the one of the reasons I post on YouTube is for a bit of extra cash. (It’s extremely hard to get money because of the loss in jobs etc…)

      Also… I have read forums and they have said, the E-Mail they use to E-Mail me, we cannot use it to E-Mail back, so if anyone knows their E-Mail address, that would be great!
      Oh yeah, and I didn’t actually do any ‘Invalid Clicking,’ I just got the E-Mail…

    20. Hi ,
      I have a Google ad-sense account for 2 years. i do not know why Google banned my account and after that i request them to reactivate by using appeal option but they don’t.

      My Account position, I have got only one payment of 100$ in last two years there is no fake activity on my account by me or by others. But i know Google never disable account without any reason maybe someone other create reason to disable my account anyway!

      Account is disabled and re-activation appeal is not approved so how can i work with ad-sense again could i create a new ad-sense account with using my information like name – address – website or i am unable or black list in Google books.

      Please help me in this matter one more thing ad-sense earning is not my problem i told you i have got only 100$ in two years but it is fun for me to work with ad-sense.

      Best Regard all of you

    21. This is my first time trying this google adsense and I am grateful for the many helpful answers I received. I may sound like I know nothing and I suppose in a way I don’t. Can someone tell me what i need to do and what kind of email address I need to set this up. I would be grateful for a step by step guide to help me do this. Thanks again.

    22. I just got notice that my account was disabled because of fraudulent clicking, although I didn’t do this I understand why it was done and I am in the process of appealing. My question is what I should do if this does not work out. I know that if your account is disabled you can’t get another one. What I’m wondering is if this just means I can no longer create an account using the same email, or if an account can not be made that is associated with the site I had Ads on. Would I be able to create a new google account with a different email and then change the email associated with my youtube account to the one associated with the new google account, that way I could get adsense on my youtube again without having to create a whole new channel, or can I never get adsense on this youtube channel again.
      hopefully this made sense. TIA
      My adsense account still says that it is disabled, but when I go to upload videos it still says that my videos are monetized, I’m a little confused by this… does it just take a while for that to get cancelled too?

    23. I Really Want To Ask That Could I Make New Account On My Same Residential Address(I Live In An Apartment,but other Payee Name.Will It Create Problems.
      And I Have Received My Pin Code Yesterday On The Address Which I Want To Be On My New Account.The Pin Code I received Is Of that Account Which Had Been Disable Last Month.

    24. My google adsense account has been disabled after using it for YouTube monitazation and I was wondering if I could enable monitazation on my other channel with the same name? Please help.

    25. So I was using it with my youtube account ( which is linked with my other account).
      I never earned any money through it because I never officially started using it.
      I went on one day and there was a message telling me that my Google Adsense account had been disabled.
      This was because I had a lot of copyrighted content on one of my youtube channels (such as music and movie scenes).
      My other youtube account is only my original creations though, and I really want to become a youtube partner and use google adsense with it.
      But since this account is linked with my other youtube account that has copyrighted material, can I do that?
      Will google adsense let me make a new google account to use adsense, or have they blocked my IP address..?

    26. My Google AdSense account was disabled for invalid clicks and I really want to get it back. I filled out the appeal form and they said sorry I can’t have it back and then I’ve done it 10 more times since then and I haven’t gotten a response.

      Also, will I be able to become a Youtube Partner with a disable monetization tab and Google AdSense account?

      Please look at my channel to see if I could qualify for the Youtube Partnership program:

    27. I know how to use google for searching any keyword but when we search any keyword, search engines consider so many factors for SERPs such as back links, urls and titles of the pages. But I need to know how to search in google for the web pages which contain a specific phrase in the body of the page and not in the url or title.

    28. I reluctantly installed the newest version of internet explorer, and this meant getting google update. So now google tries to guess what you’re going to type while you type it? It’s driving me crazy.

      How do I disable this?

      It’s gotten to the point were I’ve tried to type faster than google can guess, and its making my computer lag… 🙁


    29. The first time it was because I clicked on my ads to see if they worked. Obviously that was not smart, I honestly had no idea I would get disabled for that, but I learned my lesson. Now after 3 years of having an adsense ac count and doing everything according the guidelines, I get an email today saying my account was disabled. It is really frustrating because they don’t tell you why and you have no recourse. so, finally I am done with adsense. Has anyone had experience with other affilliate programs that pay well? I was making some good money on adsense.

    30. Hello everybody
      I have got 3 blogs and 2 websites.Can i have google adsense ads in my all of these blogs and websites ? Whether i have to apply for different google adsense accounts or a single account will work for all these websites and blogs.

      Thank You.

    31. I have a food website that have1000 visitors in a day.
      Carently I am earning from various advertizing which is very hard to manage.
      I want to switch to google adsesne.
      how much can I earnd from google adsense?

    32. Hello everyone,
      I am a new blogger and my aim is to eventually make money from blogging. I have just had my google adsense account disabled because of invalid click activity. The thing is my account was disabled before and I appealed and got it reinstated. Now it has been disabled again. Please help. What is the best way to get my account back or is this the end for my google adsense account? I haven’t appealed again yet since I thought I would ask questions first. Should I wait until I have more visitors and traffic to my blog and then appeal?

      Please give me concrete advice. I do not want to start another blog from scratch.

    33. My account got disabled because of invalid clicks on my youtube videos and my appeal was denied. Any thing I can do now?

    34. My Google adsense account is disabled many times but this time i took up new account with new address but with same name. And this time i even not visiting my site to avoid invalid impressions.Will my adsense account be disabled soon?

    35. Ok so if your adsense account gets disabled for clicking fraud, does that delete your Youtube account that has your videos?

    36. I use to place ads on my tumblr blog, and I asked people to click on the ads. I did not know it was against the rules. I saw TONS of other tumblr bloggers doing the same, so I thought it was okay.
      Now, my YouTube channel was just enabled to monetize my videos with google adsense, but my account was just disabled.

      I have taken the ads off my blog, and I am not going to place ads on any blogs or any other websites. It will be strictly for youtube. I never clicked my own ads on there , by the way.

      So can I make another account?

      Because i’m done with doing it with my blog, I just need it for YouTube..

      Please, no mean or rude comments!

      Thank you(:
      Also, now on my youtube channel it says “Your monetization tab has beend disabled”

    37. I recently found out that my google adsense account was disabled and I don’t know why. I have never clicked on my own ads. I want to send an appeal but I can’t find my publisher ID because I can’t get into my account.

    38. i hope the user named as “humpty” will again definitely help me …..i blocked for two time now i got my adsense account again but i did work from but i dont wanna work from this site now …i just wanna work in a legal way please tell me the whole procedure how can i earn at least 3 to 4 dollars a day in a legal way.i would be very thankful to you.thanks

    39. got an email saying this: Account Disabled
      Your AdSense account for this login is currently disabled. We recommend checking your email inboxes for any messages we may have sent you regarding your account status. Sometimes our messages can be caught by email filters, so please be sure to check the Bulk/Spam folders of your email accounts as well.

      Does this mean it is Disabled for a little while ? because on my youtube it says i can still memotize videos, I filled in that fourm that you send to them. please help will i get my googleadsense back ??

    40. I sent 5 online appeal form for them and explained for them my reasons ,but didn’t received any response from them,what should I do?

    41. i mean to ask that if any adsense account is disabled due to violation of t&c then is it possible that google will charge the concerned bank account for refund? if yes then will it be all earnings from begining? thanks a lot for your answer in advance.

    42. I used Google AdSense until they diabled my account for “invalid click activity” (which I did NOT do!).

      Please let me know of any other good third party advertisers (that won’t disable your account when you start making money).


    43. YouTube keeps disabling monetization (Google Adsense) on my account, claiming that I cannot prove I own the copyrights to home videos I filmed with my own camera.

      There is NO copyrighted music, pictures or film clips in them. Just me and my family.

      Why? Could it be religious or racial persecution?

    44. Please help. Is this something you can say to them to get them to give your account back. It was disabled for Invalid Click, and I had nothing to do with it. Please help some one.

    45. my account got disabled and i just received the google adsense pin but i don’t have my account so what should i write in this box for a 100% or more then 50% to gain my account back.

      Have you or your site ever violated the AdSense program policies or Terms & Conditions? If so, how?

      and by the way i did break the terms and condition by clicking on the ads.

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