Google PageRank update for 2011

After a long period of nine months, Google PageRank (PR) finally updated today! I am quite pleased with the results of this update. In fact this blog of mine achieved a PageRank of 4, which is not too bad considering how little time I spent on the blog. PageRank is important as it is among the 200 signals that are been taking into consideration while displaying SERPs in the Google search engine.

Google PageRank is an indicator on the Google Toolbar which shows how “authoritative” a website is in Google’s view. Since a major update for the Google PR indicator takes place for only a few times a year, it is of no surprise why webmasters wait anxiously for every round of PR update. Last year, the most recent Google PageRank update took place in April 2010. Since then, there were minor Google PR updates but no real major update, which is very unlike the usual case.


    1. google doesn’t have update PR since april 2010.
      When was the last time that google’s PageRank has been updated? and when it will be update again?

    2. Can any body tell me what time the start of Video Music Awards 2010, and what tv chanel in Toronto?
      Thank you very much.

    3. I constantly need to be able to subscript parts of chemical formulas. Can someone please tell me how to create a ribbon shortcut in Excel 2010? (I already know how to edit the ribbon, but there is no default icon for adding subscripts/superscripts). Thanks for the help.

    4. I just got hired as a trainer for the 2010 census. I suppose I will be training the field people. How long will this job last? How much will I work? And is there any possibility to keep working after the official census is over?

    5. This song was played by two bagpipers during the 2010 closing ceremony when commonwealth games were handed over to glasgow. It sound really good just wanted to know what song it is so i listen the full song.

    6. I created a blog of one page on Blogger back in July 2008. I don’t have any traffic. My page is indexed in Google, but what does Google “PageRank not available” mean? How can I get Google to say PageRank of “0/10” at least to start instead of “PageRank not availabe?”

    7. I already discus this question but not clear solution given to me.So now repeat the my question. this my site.It has PR 4 site. Now show the Google page rank tool bar gray color only display.where my page rank? My page rank is return or not? Please clear my problem?

    8. The error message says “Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 encountered an error during setup.” What does that mean and what can I do to help the problem? I just reloaded my entire computer so there shouldn’t be anything of Microsoft Office on it.

    9. I own a 2010 Mazda 3 and i am upgrading my stock speakers, i bought slick 6″ vide speakers which give out 80 watts RMS. I removed the door panels on my Mazda 3 and the speaker wiring is really confusing, i was wondering what is positive and negative on each door? And on the two front doors, there are 4 speaker wires (tweeters) my speakers i purchased only have two ports, what do i do with the two extra wires when i only have two ports on my speaker?

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