Iron Man 2 trailer on YouTube

The second Iron Man 2 trailer is now available on YouTube. I have to say that I am really impressed with what the trailer showed. It certainly shows that Iron Man is going to be bigger, better and more exciting than the first movie. They even brought the “armour suitcase” back (between the 2:21 – 2:29 minute marks)! Witness also that War Machine is making his debut for the first time…wow!

You can see the trailer below.


    1. which song goes woah woah wuh-oh with a like a gutair intro etc, sounded kinda techy. and it was in one of the iron man 2 trailers on mtv.

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    3. 1) Which movie do you want to see the most? Why?
      For those of you who have already watched the Avengers, how did you like it, and how do you think TDKR will compare: will it be better or worse?

      2) Which will do better in the box office?

      3) Which will have the higher rating (rotten tomatoes, imDb), and highest critic praise? Which will be nominated for more awards?

      4) Where does “The Amazing Spiderman” fit into all this?

      5) Which of these movies will you be seeing in the theater?

      For me, although I haven’t seen it yet, I feel like The Avengers will be a great and exciting movie compared to other superhero movies in terms of action and humor, but if TDKR is anything like The Dark Knight it will be a great film in general based on storyline, psychological & dark themes, and character development and will appeal to more than just the comic book fans. I’ll probably end up liking both, though.

      Here are the trailers:

      Dark Knight Rises:
      The Avengers:
      The Amazing Spiderman:

    4. does anyone know if these movies are real or just rumors?

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      blade 4

      amazing spider-man

      amazing spider-man 2

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      thor 2

      tron 3

      batman 3

      green lantern 2

      ghost rider 2

      pirates of the carribean 5
      i hope these are upcoming and im only asking to confirm

      thank you

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