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So are you are looking to hire the right employees for your company? As an employer, you certainly will know that getting the right people for the jobs offered by your company could be a tiring and cumbersome process, especially since it involves interviews and vetting the applicants to see who are the right people for the job. However, choosing that perfect candidate can be very time consuming, and in the end you would be better off in the market to look for help during this process.

Look no further than AE Feldman Associates. They are an executive recruiting firm with the experience as highly-trained recruiters, specialising in finding employees for different industries ranging from finance, law to technology and sales marketing. They can fill all kinds of positions too, so you do not have to worry about their capability to do so. Check out their website and read all about their service in their latest press release.


    1. and please give me some tips how to choose a descent job recruiter. I don’t want to be a victim a illegal recruiters.

    2. I got a call from a recruiter, which was exciting until she asked me to recommend someone for a position at a company that is a direct competitor of my company. I can’t imagine that I would recommend someone wonderful to compete with me. Is this what they do to get candidates or might they be interested in me and this how they go about recruiting someone from their current job?

    3. friends, does any one know about the recruiters in india who send abroad for job in a star hotel please help me, if not then help me with the name of few recruiters u kno, so tht i look for tht recruiter in google. i would b thankful for the help you provide.
      where ever in india please help me.

    4. Whats the deal with the online recruiters for jobs in computer science related fields?

      I get a bunch of emails from them, but I dont know if its a scam.

      Suppose they get me a job, do I have to pay them?

    5. I live in the Dallas (TX) area and looking to move to Great Britain next Spring or early Summer of 08. Wanting to know if there are any job recruiters out there that can help with questions and maybe finding a job there as well.

    6. I need to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. I need a tool which will match the job seeker with the jobs available but that application should not be just keyword-based.

    7. What happens to the employees of the smaller company? The small company is very successful, but a much larger company buys it. Do the employees of the smaller company get a payoff, or only the founder(s) of the small company?

      Small company = >25ppl
      Large Company = several hundred

      I know that every deal is different, I’m just wondering if there is any “typical” proceedure.

    8. I want 03xx (which is infantry) on my contract but according to the recruiter the infantry option is filled up, so how often and when do military recruiters get new job openings to fill? in other words when do they get orders saying that jobs are open and to fill them up?

    9. I have decided to pursue my Masters degree in Marketing online, due to time and money constraints. I know University of Phoenix is well-established re: its online education program. However, does it have any real credibility w/ recruiters and placement/HR offices?

      It is definitely more economical and technologically advanced than the online programs of established colleges and universities.

      But is it worth it? Are there any traditional colleges of which anyone is aware that offer good online programs at a reasonable cost? Thanks very much.

    10. i was looking at another question and saw someone say that the recruiter (air force) might know the job availabilties.
      any air force recruiters here know if this is true?

    11. Joining for Air Traffic Control ( possibly ) but my brother is telling me that 99% of the time, the recruiter is lying about having a definite job once I get in there. How would I go about getting the job that I want and not being send to go defuse bombs or recon or some dangerous mission along those lines?

    12. I’ve had job recruiters flat out ignore me after interviewing me. I’ve had job recruiters that won’t stop calling me everyday. What gives??? I wasn’t good enough for one recruiter but the other recruiter (same same) can’t afford to lose me and calls me all the time – What gives????//

    13. I’m moving to phoenix for family reasons and i need to get a job in sales. please let me know if you know of any recruiters.

    14. Literally EVERY email I get from an Indian recruiter lists the job as urgent. Really? Urgent job openings? These are not jobs in India, these are U.S. jobs. I’ve never heard of an URGENT job posting. Is this some attempt at getting a headline noticed for a commission?

    15. I am applying to a professional school and have an interview soon. Any pointers from admissions people or job recruiters? How much of my personal life/personality do I want to reveal right from the start?

    16. A job recruiter wants to do a initial interview with me before submitting my resume for a position he told me about. About a day later I came across a job on the internet myself that matches the location and qualifications of the job the recruiter told me about. Most likely it is the same job. Should I go through with the recruiter interview, or apply for the job directly and cancel with the recruiter?

    17. I am attending a job fair next week. I know a suit and tie is the required dress code. Can I wear the suit and tie without the jacket? Would that make a bad impression on job recruiters?

    18. looking for job in the loan processing or loan origination business. somewhere where they find you a job from an obliging employer.

    19. I have been trying to find a job and I have been out of the job market for some time now and I am ready to get back in it but it has been hard. I have retail sales and customer service experience and I just don’t know where to start.

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