Last batch of “Review My Blog” contest

Well I did what I can with my limited time to announce the last leg of the “Review My Blog” contest where the best review wins RM1,000 and the runner-ups get a linkback from this blog. I received two late entries two days ago but did not have the time to link to them until today.

Anyway, here they are:

I thank the last two reviewers for participating in my blog contest. For the reviews of the previous batches, refer to Batch 1 and Batch 2. In total, I have about 12 reviews to choose the winner from. Actually I was expecting a bit more but like I said earlier, I never did got around to promoting the contest properly.

Anyway, the contest is now officially closed. I will announce the winner very soon.


    1. hope i can see my name beside that kepala agung. anyway, i never create any poem for any contest online. the submission that i send to you is the first actually. wakakaka…..

      good luck menj!

    2. I’ve been told to write a critical review of Tess of the D’urbervilles, and i’m unsure of what this even means, and whether I need to put quotes in it or not.

    3. I love Writing, ever since I was a child. I asked somebody to give critical reviews about one of my fiction stories. It was kinda~boring. Now, I want to make interesting stories and I need to improve my writing so that I could express the story very well.

      What should I do? What advice can you give me? How do I write a catchy first paragraph?

      Thanks in advance.

    4. GTA 4 has the highest critical reviews than any other game to date. Do you think it deserves all it’s praise?

    5. Every time i get frustrated, I start crying, its becoming embarrassing. Try having a critical review at work and start crying. Its like i can’t stop it. Any tips?

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