Learning programming in style

I have seen many webmaster blogs and they are usually not very different from each other (in fact one would say borders on ultra geek-speak), but this design blog which calls itself Stylish Blog truly comes with style as the name says and is easily understandable. On visiting this blog, I had a really positive impression of it and I immediately bookmarked it for future reference. I really like the layout and the colour scheme which was chosen for this blog as the light tones certainly fits with the contents of the blog.

When browsing through the posts, I found various interesting topics such as this post on user accounts which touches in brief about the nature of UAC. There is also a breakdown on how do you join a spyware community, specifically Windows Defender. So if you want to learn something new, this is definitely a good place to go for this blog is developed by experienced writers in the world of art, culture, and design, check it today.


    1. I want to learn how to create sandbox-styled games for multiple platforms.
      What software and programming languages should I learn and where are they referenced?

    2. i just wanna need some advised since im planning to learn a programming language that can easily learned from beginners, i am an advanced vb6 programmer so what do you think is more easy to learn is it Java or C/C++ Language? please help

    3. Hi, i have a question about learning some programming language?
      I am absolutely new in all those IT stafs, also intrested in learning some language.
      Question is, what is the best programming language to learn and to work with.
      When i say best i mean which of those(java, c++, c# etc…) are most payed, easy to get a job, and what is the language of the future?
      Sorry for bad english, anyway.

    4. So i want to learn programming. I want to program video games. So my question is should i learn Java as my first programming language and then learn C++ or just jump into C++?

    5. I have wanted to learn to play guitar for years, and finally have an acoustic on which to learn. Now I am trying to determine what the best way to learn is. I have several friends who play that would be happy to teach me, but everyone I’ve met who plays has stated that they were self taught. Would it be best to have a friend teach me, or purchase some instructional books and/or videos? Unfortunately, formal lessons are not an option due to financial restrictions.

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