Namecheap’s new website redesign

I didn’t see it coming but when it hit me, I realised that I absolutely love the new redesign of In fact, the redesign is quite long overdue….they should have done this way earlier.

Here is the web design of Namecheap, prior to 2011.

This is the new redesign, conforming with current web design standards and Web 2.0 trends.

Despite the release of fresh air, I don’t understand why some people are complaining about it. Its quite beyond my ken to understand why anyone would dislike the new redesign and prefer the old, drab look.


    1. Hello I have to make a presentation for my oral comunication on wednesday and I am planning on doing about How Internet affects to the global economy in good and bad way, so I want to explain with some poimts for example one positive way it can be companies spend less money in marketing publishing on Internet or I am not sure but I think Internet business do not pay taxes and affects the economy (US) Ok thank you for helping

    2. I am looking at buying internet soon. But I don’t want to pay for the high speed internet if I don’t need it. Ill be using the internet to Play Ps3 games online and just to surf the web. But every at the same time. What internet speed should I get?… I don’t want to lag every 10 sec. Though please tell me a gigabyte amount. Not just basic or high speed.

    3. We have 4 computers connected by a “switch”. All of them runs in windows 7. One has internet connection (Wimax internet – modem is connected into lan-port; so this pc has two lan-port). I want to make this pc server & share it’s internet with other PCs, as well as all 4 PCs should be able to share file with one another.

      So please help me out.

    4. I have a router, which is hooked up to my boyfriends computer. We set up the internet on the wii, and the internet did work on it. Now though, whenever my boyfriend wants to use the internet on his compute,r he has to unplug the router from his cmoputer and then plug it back in and then it works. Does anybody else have problems with the internet working on both the wii and the computer? Any suggestions? Thanks!

    5. Okay i have a dell laptop and all of a sudden i cant connect to the internet, I have the computer directly connected to the modem and when i use the internet it still does not work what is wrong?! i’ve tried everything! Shouldn’t the laptop automatically connect to the internet since it is connected to the modem?

    6. I intend to sell professional salon use nail polishes such as OPI and ESSIE. Yahoo looks to have an easy and low cost system for starters.
      But as this is my first time, I would appreciate any advice or information from experienced internet store owners/employees.
      What kind of problems do you encounter the most as an internet store? What are the risks and the perks? Do people really buy from and trust new internet stores? What kind of sales is typical of a small internet store in its first month of opening?
      I have read many books on the topic but I would love some REAL feedback. Thank you everyone for your help!

    7. I’m looking into buying a new Nissan Versa and am looking at local dealerships websites. One I found show the MSRP price as well as an internet price for all the Versas listed. All the internet prices all $2,500 to $3,000 cheaper than the MSRP price they have listed. So I wanted to know what does the internet pricing price tag mean and how does it work and can if I can really get the car that much cheaper how do I go about the process? Thanks.

    8. I am getting a new laptop soon and I’m wondering how Internet cafes work. Do they use WIFI? Will I need to buy any extra equipment to acess the Internet or will they just have a cord that I can plug into my computer?

    9. Well the proxy server isn’t allowing internet explorer to go on the internet so how do I fix it? Thanks.

    10. I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration (concentration General Business) and work in a professional job as a business process analyst. Recently my work has required me to do some web site and Intranet site maintenance and I have found this really enjoyable. I do not care for what I do now and am interested in switching careers to web design or perhaps web development. What schooling, degrees or certifications should I pursue to make a successful jump into this field?

    11. I am 16, and have a lot of web design and HTML under my belt that I have been working on.

      Now I want to kinda start a little web design business. I’m not looking to charge you know the 500 to 2000 dollar for sites. I just want to do it from home. What would you charge? And how would you receive the money?

      What software would you use? Any recommendations?

      I probably missed a lot, anything else I should know?

      Thanks in advance!

    12. I have just bought a Samsung Tocco light. We have a bt internet router at home, can i use this to connect to the internet with my mobile, if so, how, and does it use up my credit going on the internet this way?

    13. I want to use my cellphone as my modem. How will this Internet speed compare to my actual high-speed Internet through Comcast?

    14. I want to get ride of my landline. Do I need it to hook up my internet? If not, how do I hook up the internet without a landline?

    15. I have extremely limited internet and it is very expensive. When I leave my machine running internet automatically gets used up. It would be nice if I could be given guidelines as to what settings I can change on my computer to greatly reduce unwanted connections to the internet.

      I would also like to know what kind of firefox settings i can change to reduce internet usage when I surf. Eg: ad blockers , flash blockers, stop automatic refreshing etc etc

    16. Some computer can connect to Internet with only the Local Area Network is enabled. But mine is different. I cannot connect to Internet although LAN is enabled. I have to create a new broadband connection in order to connect to Internet. I am using Billion BiPAC 5112s modem. Do anyone have any suggestion?

    17. Do you feel that the internet has drawn us closer or made us more isolated from each other? Is it socially healthy to spend much of our time communicating on the internet? Is the internet a true means of communication or does it provide an artificial boundary from those with whom we communicate?

    18. My family’s computers and their internet connections are all up stairs, while my wii is downstairs. how do i setup up the internet if my connection is wired?

    19. I want to use internet connection from my computer to my phone. I have a nokia e71 and want to use internet from my pc using bluetooth or cable connection. Please tell me how to use internet connection from my computer to phone. But not from phone to computer. Thank you =]

    20. What is the difference of dating in real person and internet dating? Why do we feel close with internet friends more than anything else and feel like meeting him / her again and again in person?

    21. I need source please! Has the internet helped us or has it just made us lazier? What are the benefits and disadvantages of new media and the internet?

    22. Where can I find a reputable source for internet and internet related statistics? Such as how many Petabytes are used per month on the internet? Or how many Terabytes were used per month in 1995?

    23. I have internet settings on my Samsung s3653 mobile. I want to use internet on my laptop by connecting to my phone. How can I do so?

    24. I would like to have internet that I can use when I travel. What does verizon charge? And how does this work? Is it unlimited use for internet? How fast is the internet connection?

    25. When I go on internet properties it says connection : not encrypted. I don’t know if it’s meant to be like that or if thats why y internet pages won’t show up?

    26. If an internet service provider, provides internet, how do they connect, if they use another service provider, then where does that provider get access to the internet? If they use a server then how does the server get access and if there is one universal service provider then how did that one get access, and if you can use a server to get an ISP, then couldn’t anyone just buy a server and get free internet excluding the server cost?

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