Pay per click management

The pay per click management (PPC) online advertising is now a popular form of advertising, both by businesses and personal webmasters looking to drive traffic to their websites. The real challenge in starting a PPC campaign is to get the right keywords related to their blog or website in order for the ads to appear and show up to the targeted audience. This certainly sounds quite simple in principle but in reality it is a very tricky thing to do. That is why one should turn to a SEO expert or company which specializes in pay per click management. Without the expertise of experts who understands the way that Google works when addressing a search for certain keywords relating to your site might render your site invisible to search engines.

A well-run pay per click management campaign with the right keywords targeting the right audience on Google or Yahoo can actually bring you more money if you have the know-how on how PPC advertising works. Both search engines are more competitive and due to this its much harder for anyone to choose the best and effective campaigns. Therefore if a SEO expert or company knows how to exploit this advantage, they would be able to attract traffic from both search engines and thus you will be able to reap the benefits of having tens of thousand people dropping by your site and interested in what you have to offer.


    1. I have two years of experience in SEO and currently I am working as project coordinator of SEO team. Now I have opportunity to move to PPC in another company. So, I have two career options now 1. To stay in the same company and get expertise in Project Management 2. Move to another company and get expertise in PPC. Which career path will be more beneficial for me in monetary terms.

      If I choose project management then how should I move forward, need to know about certifications etc.?

      Please help. Thanks in advance.

    2. My company spends about $25K per month on advertising, mostly on Google, but wants to double that in the next 3-5 months. We’re also considering advertising on Yahoo! and Bing. Any products to recommend?

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    4. Under Obama, Unions Could Do To Rest of Economy What They Did to GM: Will MSM Notice?
      Labor costs the Detroit Three substantially more per vehicle than it does the Japanese. Health care is the biggest chunk. GM, for instance spends $1,635 per vehicle on health care for active and retired workers in the U.S. Toyota pays nothing for retired workers – it has very few – and only $215 for active ones . . . Contract issues like work rules, line relief and holiday pay amount to $630 per vehicle – costs that the Japanese don’t have. And paying UAW members for not working when plants are shut costs another $350 per vehicle. — Fortune [1] magazine, January 26, 2007
      Obama and Biden will strengthen the ability of workers to organize unions. He will fight for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. Obama and Biden will ensure that his labor appointees support workers’ rights and will work to ban the permanent replacement of striking workers. — Official Obama website statement [2]on labor [emphasis added].
      Lost amidst the mutual finger-pointing over responsibility for the financial crisis is one incontrovertible fact. Under a President Obama, the unionization of America’s economy could soar, thanks to the combined effect of the legislation he would sign into law and those labor-friendly appointees he would name to oversee union elections and other matters. And while the blame for the possible demise of GM and other American automakers rests partly with feckless, uninspired management, a good measure is rightly laid at the feet of American unions who pushed a variety of contract provisions that have left the domestic industry uncompetitive with foreign manufacturers.

      Let’s talk for a moment about that “Employee Free Choice Act” whose passage Obama promotes and that, with a compliant Congress, would almost surely be passed into law. As I wrote [3]last month, its very name is “double-speak that would make the commissars at Orwell’s Ministry of Truth blush.” Far from promoting free choice, it would go a long way to destroying it. The law would end a worker’s right to a secret ballot in unionization elections, to be replaced by a “card check” system in which the vote of each individual would be published.
      As that unforgettable ad [click YouTube at right] suggests, it would be the Johnny Sacks of the world standing over the shoulders of workers as they cast their unionization ballots.

      Almost two years ago, that same Fortune article cited above questioned “the continued survival of the U.S. [auto] companies.” Now Obama wants to let unions do for the rest of the economy what they did for GM. Will the MSM take note? What are the odds Bob Schieffer quizzes Obama on the “Employee Free Choice Act” at next Wednesday’s debate?
      PS: Guess who [4]announced this week that they’re launching a $3 million ad campaign on behalf of Obama?
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    5. where I can buy:
      a database element to prevent overcrowding of visitors
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      just provide me the link…

    6. I take care of CPC accounts, i do keyword research, bid management and alot more. I litterally almost never do any office work. I get paid minimum wage as a ‘junior office assistant’ In melb australia. i’ve been there 3 months have had no prior expirence in office of CPC campagins. Does this sound right to you? I feel like im being cheated.

    7. Can somebody explain in simple terms how pay per click campaign management works? What’s the flow chart, how advertisers can benefit from it and so on. Thanks.

    8. JOHN DOE


      I am currently seeking a full-time or part-time job with hours ranging 20-40+ hours a week.

      Fond du Lac High School Fond du Lac, Wi 52935
      Graduated 2007, High School Diploma

      Work Experience
      The last four years I have been making income through online affiliate advertising on small websites, blogs, and Google Adwords using widgets and other advertising tools. When a potential customer clicks on that widget they then are redirected to the businesses website in which im promoting. When that individual converts to a customer and purchases off that website, I receive a small percentage of the companies profit. I do this for hundreds of companies to increase my potential income. I use Google Adworks in which I bid on keywords involving my affiliates products and services and they show up according to what an individual searches on Google. Every time that person clicks on my advertisement and goes to the website, I get charged per click, but my rating on my ad goes up and will now be shown more. When the person clicks the ad they are directed to my affiliates web page and are more likely to become a customer, bringing business to my affiliate and potentially earning me more money. A lot of my affiliates are small business that i get off of a website called Others I went out and found. If you look at most websites on the bottom where it says “contact us” and “careers” you’ll also see “affiliate program”. Its a great source of income if you enjoy working from home.

      I am a very friendly person and i enjoy interacting with people. I am hard worker and am great when i comes to improvising and problem solving. I’m very result oriented, if something comes out poor, i strive to figure out my flaws and make way for improvements. I take pride in my work and anything that has my name on it. I am also extremely good with computers using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. I am a self starter and a quick learner. I’ve taught numerous friends how to make income working from home. I’m outstanding with numbers, i can do math rapidly in my head with an accurate outcome. I am great with money management, i have lived on my own paying rent and bills since i was 18 using the income i make online. I am very good at following written and verbal instructions and figuring out how things work.

      Going back to school to get a degree in business management and marketing.
      Starting my own business within the next 5 years.
      Start a class online teaching people how to work from home using affiliate advertising.
      Buy and sell real estate for profit (10 year plan)

      Please dont ask if your making so much from working from home why do you want to get a “real job” now… the reason is because i hand a little brush in with the law and am now on probation and one of the regulations for it IS TO GET A JOB!!!
      Please note: i dont need any advice from some piece of shit high school drop out. i make more money then your pathetic monkey ass will ever make with no job. I also stand more chance of getting a job with no job experience then you, you uneducated scum, you clearly show that in your answer. Learn to spell. Learn to write. Then i might respect what you have to say.

    9. I recentantly started a management company that takes care of dinners and events for businesses and sometimes private peoples. Since it is a new company I don’t have a lot of funds. What would be the best way to advertise and get my company’s name out there?

    10. Seeking to automate and optimize my PPC campaigns on Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc., and utilize either a service or a software that will allow me to manage all campaigns from one set of keywords with a centralized budgeting tool. Does anyone have any experience with such tools? I’ve looked at Atlas One Point in the past.

    11. How it works

      Take advantages of payment processing management!

      Your task as a payment processing manager will consist in transferring payments from one of our clients to another. Due to the fact that our company works in securities market, we constantly buy and sell payments, so you will work with this money. Your profit depends on how fast money circulates in the world transaction system. You have nothing to loose while doing this one-click job. Upon your registration we transfer you a sum of money that enters on your bank account. After receiving the money you have to notify us via email. The faster you send the money further, the higher number of transfers to process you get. If you work successfully, your status in our transfer system rises from ‘beginner PPM’ to ‘advanced PPM’ level and higher(you will receive more than 5-7 transfers per week).


      You receive a transfer of $5000. Your commission will be 5% of $5000 make $250. So you need to send us $5000 – $250 = $4750. You will receive our detailed instructions for every payment(how to send , where to send etc.)

      AI Customer levels:

      BPPM – Beginner (5%)
      If you are a new user you immediately receive an advance sum of money on your account. Beginner Customer receives 5% of a sum of transfer. Number of transfers per week – 2-4
      IPPM – Intermediate (5%)
      You can reach the level after 10 money transfers. Number of transfers per week – 4-5
      APPM – Advanced (5%)
      You receive the status after upon reaching a sum of total transfers exceeding $30,000. Number of transfers per week – 5 and more per week
      All you need for the job of payment processing manager is being USA, Great Britain or New Zealand resident, having one or several bank accounts, computer and a little of spare time.

      Since our business is permanently growing, we constantly need new reliable PP managers. The method of collaborating with distant online transfer staff has proved to be profitable both for our company and the workers. We invite you to join our team and try this new, safe and easy way to make money. For more details see SIGN UP section.

      Get the well paid job with constant increasing interest rate!

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