PayPal turns sexy

So PayPal finally decided to turn to the Web 2.0 bandwagon and make themselves look…umm, sexy. This was the front page that greeted me when I went to the website.


I love this new look and I will never revert to the old one.


    1. I heard after you get like $500, paypal sends you tax papers? Is that true and is it after 500 or more that they will send you the tax papers. Thanks for your answers.

    2. My husband sold something on ebay. The buyer requested a refund, however nothing was wrong with the item what so ever. To make a long story short, the buyer filed a claim and Paypal placed a hold on my account for -360. I have no money in my Paypal at this time.

      If Paypal favors with the buyer,will Paypal automatically withdraw the funds from my Checking Account without my permission?

    3. What I mean by is, the same way in which if you pay for an item on ebay, the bank account that you’ve linked is auotmatically debited (if you don’t have funds in your paypal account). Is there a way to automatically transfer funds, recieved from ebay payments (via paypal) straight into my linked bank account?

      Or will I need to manually go in and transfer the money each time (which at the moment takes 7 days!!!).


    4. I am a teenager and I just made a paypal account and I don’t have a bank account or a credit card. I have a website that gives free money and I have enough money to redeem it on paypal. I want to use paypal to buy things from ebay but to do that I have to verify my paypal account. Is their anyway to verify it without having a bank or credit card. I need it really badly please help me out.

    5. Im having a hard time selling my Xbox 360 on Ebay. I dont know how i can attract customers. I allowed returns up to 7 days, its in great condition for being used over a year. Im just not including any games but i do have extras like accessories. i put buy now price $130 and starting now $115.
      Anything i can do? have ebay sell it for me? i really want to become an successful ebay seller. I barely just turned 18, looking for ways to make money.
      Does it take a while for people to overlook my items?
      Please Help! :/

    6. Okay, I’m a university student who is going on exchange to Europe next year. I’ve found an apartment on Craigslist and have been exchanging e-mails with the landlord. We’ve ironed out the details of my lease, and she’s sent me pictures of the apartment. Now she’s e-mailed me the contract she wants me to sign and has asked me to pay the first month’s rent and the security deposit as soon as I can to reserve the apartment. This all seems pretty normal to me.

      The problem is that I’m very uneasy about sending money abroad. I’ve never done this before and I’ve obviously never met the landlord or seen the apartment in real life. I don’t know anyone in Belgium who can check the place out for me and I myself won’t be able to see it until September which is more than 5 months away

      I want to send the money using PayPal and a credit card, because that appears to be the safest way to do this sort of thing. I’m just worried that PayPal’s 60-day guarantee won’t cover me if I pay now because I won’t be able to verify until 5 months later. Not to mention the fact that my friend and I have agreed to stay in this apartment together, and if this turns out to be a scam, we will have lost over 1K in euros and have no place to stay in a country where we know no one.

      Please advise me on how to go about this. Should I hold off and wait a while before making the payment? Is there a more secure way for me to send the money? I don’t know what to do!

    7. Say i have an ad on craigslist to sell a car. And a “buyer” messages me basically telling me that he would pay me through paypal and have someone come pick up the vehicle. So pretty much im thinking scam. But for benefit of the doubt i would propose the following actions:

      -sign a contract stating that the vehicle would not be turned over into his possession until the check cleared and the money was in my hand. From there we would exchange vehicles at the dealership that i will be using most of the money from the sale for a downpayment on a new car for me.

      opinions and/or advice?

    8. Please help me..! So this might sound a little crazy but whatever lol I need help! So on Monday, I am going to school, and first thing in the morning we are having a academic award ceremony! We are supposed to be dressing up so I was thinking that i would wear my dress that looks like a skirt and a shirt combined! It sortof looks like this :;ty=70, but afterwards we are going to a walkathon and then a movie and i have no clue what to change into! Now for the hard part, i am spending the day with this amazingly cute guy who I sort of have a thing with! 🙂 He is amazing. So whatever I wear I want to impress him! And yes I know dress myself but I don’t know what to wear! should I wear shorts? capreess? pants? what for a shirt?? it is going to be 68 degrees on monday! Please please please helpp!(:

    9. So i recently posted an ad on craigslit for my blackberry. I got an email from a person named David Diamond offering to purchase the phone. He said that he was buying it for a friend in Nigeria and offered me an extra $60 to shipping fees. He really pushed me to use paypal so I gave him my paypal email and name. The same day, I got an email from paypal saying that he has given me the money and that the payment was APPROVED AND PENDING and that it cannot be credited into my account until I gave them the shipping tracking number for proof. By this point, I got a little suspicious so I searched up some craigslist scams on google. Turns out, Ive been scammed. Good thing is that I havent shipped out the phone yet so I didnt lose any money yet. Now what do I do? Do I just stop replying to this David Diamond person? Do I report this to Paypal? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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