Playing around with blockquotes

Being a problogger, I take pride in ensuring that my blogs are all running in the best condition possible. That includes making sure that the theme each blog is running on (I use WordPress for a large majority of my blogs and websites these days) are coded to comply with XHTML/CSS standards and also ensure that there are no bugs along the way. Sometimes, however, things go amiss when I entrust the coding of my custom themes to 5K people whom I thought are excellent coders, but fail miserably in delivering what I expected of them to do.

A good example of what I am talking about is the coder who initially did this WordPress theme for me. Upon the recommendation of another guy, I entrusted him to do the coding work for the custom theme of Blogging For Money, with the condition that it must conform to the PSD design file as closely as possible. Unfortunately he did not do too well a job at that and the blockquotes are not showing up well…or I should say, hardly at all.

This sentence is a blockquote.

Because the idiotic coder didn’t stylise the blockquote, one can hardly discern the blockquote from the rest of the text! So I hope the next coder who reads this fixes the problem by ensuring that the blockquote appears like this:

A nice thin blue line next to the blockquote, which should be easily doable via CSS. Now this is what I call a blockquote!

Updated: The blockquote is working again, thanks to a coder whom I hired :mrgreen:


    1. What’s a FREE software for mac that can easily generate a 3d human figure that I can design clothes for and animate?
      What’s a FREE software for mac that can easily generate a 3d human figure that I can design clothes for and animate? I’ve already tried Daz3d. It’s too much hassle and I can’t design the clothes that I want.

    2. I am looking for the right kind of software and tablet to use to draw manga digitally. I want to know what the best stuff is, and how much it is. If you could give me as much information about the software and the tablet, it would be greatly appreciated. If you use the tablet and the software I would really like to see a sample of some work that you’ve done on it. Please and thank you!

    3. I am unsure what the best blog software is, or for that matter, what the purpose of this software is; I’d also like to know about increasing traffic to my blog once it is up.

    4. I am currently a technical writer for a software company in the mobile technologies industry. I am young and early in my career and see growth in the pharmaceuticals sector in my career time, and so would like to switch into technical writing for a biotech/pharmaceutical company. I think the software industry is slowly dying. How do I go about making this transition? Will my experience in software technical writing automatically translate, or will employers be seeking any additional skills? Thanks in advance for your help!

    5. I’m making a fan site and looking for a good blogging script that allows others to create their own blogs also.

    6. I’m looking for like, a really huge music blog. One that has more than just one song from each popular artist, but more like total/partial albums. If not, just list off your favorite blogs. I’ll find something.
      I have a pretty wide range of what I like, though my favorites are probably rock, and most of the popular stuff out there right now. I don’t want any hip-hop or rap central blogs though.

    7. I’m considering moving the computer into my teen’s room and if I do this, I want a very good parent protection software. Can anyone offer suggestions for one that they have used or where I can go for reviews of different ones. So far all the websites I have found are hosted by the actual program, so I don’t trust them. Thank you!

    8. I’m creating a blog, based on education in school.
      So I was just looking for some good catchy and nice educational blog names/titles?
      Please share some with me, thank you!

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