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I have been poking around Aaron Wall’s SEO Book after subscribing to its membership and I’ve certainly discovered some important things which cuts through the hype about it. The fee is $300 a month, which is definitely way overpriced after I’ve checked out the material available. Fortunately, I didn’t have to pay for the full amount and the subscription will be cancelled at the end of this month, so….

I personally feel that unless you are a total newbie or just beginning to start into search engine optimization (SEO) and want to expand your knowledge of the industry, SEO Book is not for you. Its not to say that SEO Book is totally worthless….I am still printing out tons of material from their “Training” programme which are relevant to my current SEO and SEM needs. Their community forum also has some interesting case studies and SEO-related articles that I am printing out for future reference (and simply because I can). However, let’s just say that after being in the industry for 2 years or so, there’s really nothing major in the content that I don’t know already. After all, experience is certainly the best teacher of all, not a closed “elite” community which charges a ludicrously high fee per month for membership.


    1. I personally feel that unless we are a total newbie or just beginning to start into SEO and we want to expand our knowledge of the industry, SEO Book is also helpful.

    2. its been playing on my mind for a while now
      i had to write a report on a celebrity i find inspirational
      so i looked at my wall, covered in aaron carter posters and thought
      hey il do it on him
      i’ve wrote it, but my family arent exactly happy with my choice
      i got it back, i got an A
      but my teacher wrote “not the best choice, next time go for someone who makes better decisions, its a little worrying”
      i really dont understand, i thought he was perfect, why does everyone have this misconseption about him?
      or is it me?
      is he a bad role model
      because he is my only role model
      thanks 🙂 x

    3. The company I work for paid $40,000 in search engine optimization for their site last year and really haven’t seen many sales come in from it all. Why do they charge so much for what seems to be so little?

    4. I am tired of looking for books and online material for SEO . Every book or tutorial tell one thing what IS SEO AND IT BENEFITS .BUT NO WEBSITE TELLS HOW TO DO IT. No website or book tells how to do on page and off page optimization but they all tell the difference between them. Just want to make my career in SEO but not getting any write tutorials and book.

    5. I’d like to know what sort of training and materials are required to become a search Engine Optimization/ Marketing consultant.

    6. Brooks is out for another 3+ weeks, and I already have Wall Rose, Paul

      Centers I have Brooke Lopez, Marc Gasol, and Horford

      H-2-H league

    7. Hello,
      I am a business owner for a pizzeria restaurant. I want to know where I can quality service.
      Can you help me with small business search engine optimization?

    8. I was wondering if anyone has any feedback on paid training sites like SEOMoz, SEOBook, SEODojo?

    9. I’m trying to promote my website by social bookmarking the content on my site? Which social bookmarking site should I spend my time on? And does anyone have any tips on the best practices or strategies for this type of search engine optimization?

    10. when i click this pages link it should take me to the official facebook page of gears of war 3
      so i can get the XBL code for Aaron Griffin, but it takes me to my profile page and my wall.

    11. Primetime coverage of global warming at Fox News is overwhelmingly misleading, according to a new report that finds the same is true of climate change information in the Wall Street Journal op-ed pages.

      Both outlets are owned by Rupert Murdoch’s media company News Corporation. The analysis by the science-policy nonprofit Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) finds that 93 percent of primetime program discussions of global warming on Fox News are inaccurate, as are 81 percent of Wall Street Journal editorials on the subject.

      “It’s like they were writing and talking about some sort of bizarre world where climate change isn’t happening,” study author Aaron Huertas, a press secretary at UCS, told LiveScience.

      There’s a lot more in the same report. I can hear it now – “It’s all a leftist conspiracy to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil,” or something to that effect.
      What say ye?
      These answers are pathetic. What conspiracy of leftists to sell carbon credits exists? That’s nothing but a lie and propaganda.

    12. Ok im getting a professional graffiti artist to come and do my room, i want a stencil saying somthing

      example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/craig-aaron/83651323/

      Somthing along the same sort of lines of that, that would make someone smile and would also make sence, like haha its funny but its true, or it cold be an inside joke or just play on words ect, what should i have saying in the stencil??

    13. I have searched Michael’s craft store, Walmart, Ross, Marshalls, and even Aaron brothers custom framing for 6×9 inch photo frames. It seems nobody sells them! Can someone please point me in a direction of some preferably cheap ones that don’t skimp on quality?

      I just want any decent 6×9 frames for under 15 bucks each 🙁

    14. 10 being the best:

      PG-Steve Nash
      SG-Stephen Curry
      G-Tony Parker
      SF-Paul Pierce
      PF-Josh Smith
      F-David West
      C-Andrea Bargnani
      UTIL-Carmelo Anthony
      UTIL-Luol Deng
      UTIL-Caron Butler
      BN-John Wall-Hurt
      BN-Aaron Brooks
      BN-Serge Ibaka

    15. I’m doing a current event and the sentence is…
      What would it be????? like ” ” or __________ or like regularr ?

      In “The Wall Street Journal”, Randall Smith ad Aaron Lucchetti wrote and article called “Biggest Banks Dodge Some Bullets at the End”.

      In The Wall Street Journal, Randall Smith ad Aaron Lucchetti wrote and article called “Biggest Banks Dodge Some Bullets at the End”.

      In _The Wall Street Journal_, Randall Smith ad Aaron Lucchetti wrote and article called “Biggest Banks Dodge Some Bullets at the End”. (underlined)

      thanks for your help !

    16. i have been painting a series of pictures onto canvas boards (fairly small) and wondering how to frame them.
      when visiting galleries i have seen them framed inside a card mount and glass frame. I think this would look more professional than attaching screw mounts and attaching to the wall as such.
      i don’t have allot of money and wondering if i might be able to do DIY mount them, does anyone have any links to help me?

    17. I’m sure this is going to sound dumb, but I know absolutely nothing about baseball. I’ve never really liked the sport, but my boyfriend is a HUGE Atlanta Braves fan. I’m trying to take an interest in it, but it is Greek to me. Any info, tips, or cool stats I should know would be really helpful. I’m taking him to an Atlanta home game (we’re from nor cal) so any other helpful hints would be awesome! Thanks everybody in advance!

    18. He never had the homerun power that Mays, Aaron or Robinson had, but he had the batting average, the speed and basically everything else. I was just wondering if Clemente had 240 homeruns and Mays had 660 which is 420 more wouldn’t clemente have a lot more doubles? Or were those 420 hits that werent homers just singles?

    19. I read some of them, but can somebody explain them to me a little in depth? Even if he is offhandedly responsible, his orders and things.

    20. My picture frame is just a bit bigger than a4, but at the moment can only be hung on a wall. I want to be able to stand it up in order to display it with the rest of my certificates. What is the name of the product as searching on amazon hasn’t really helped…

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