The power of blogs and blogging

The power of a blog is endless due to its many attributes and functions. A blog can be used to provide your own opinion, to rank about an issue, to provide information or just for business purposes. No matter how you look at it, your blog will succeed in that particular manner. If you trying to give your opinion on a particular law that just passed in your country, you will be very likely to catch the attention of the ministers and general public.

Search engines are constantly being flooded with queries, and the search engine spiders are roaming through sites 24/7. Blogs are more search engine friendly when compared to regular HTML based pages. Search engines like Google love unique content; so you should focus on posting unique, quality content. It will establish a firm reader base and still give you good rankings on the search engines.

Many media outlets use blogging to provide news releases and updates to the public. An example would be “war bloggers”, who blog on the topic of war on terrorism. These blogs have gained an enormous amount attention ever since the 9/11 attack in 2001. During the first week of the attack, thousands of bloggers starting writing on the topic and many of them are still writing on the topic in question. Media outlets and journalists all jumped on the blogging train and they used it as a sense of communication between the writers. Soon after, tons of journalists, news reporters and news firms took up on the opportunity to start their own blog. Some of the well-established professionals are blogging, which attracts and maintains readership. Political blogs tend to catch the eye of many, since it is a national issue, but it is not limited to this. Blogs are created with intention to provide entertainment and laughter. Blogs are like social networking websites, where you can interact with both the blogger and readers.

As stated earlier, blogs are great when it comes to search engine indexing. A reputable blogging platform known as WordPress, is extremely good in terms of search engine optimization. With the use of a simple plug-in you can better optimize your blog for the search engines. Search engines provide quality, targeted traffic; which is the hardest type to gain. If you have organic traffic to your site, there is a higher chance of making that visitor come back for more. If you update your blog frequently, with unique content; search engines will quickly pick up on your posts and index them. There are other aspects of search engine optimization for blogs, but we are only interested in the power of a blog itself.

It is now 2012 and blogs are part of the mainstream media, as it is essentially everywhere. Blogs are being used by news corporations, Fortune 500 businesses and individuals like you. If you have something to tell the public, you can do so with a blog. All you need is an internet connection and some creativity, and you could be a blogger!


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