PR6 and PR7 links

I have set aside a small sum of money to purchase some PR6 and PR7 links for my bid for position directory. The bid for position directory is picking up on submissions, but it will have to improve on its PR0 ranking if I want to continue receiving link submissions. The directory can contain anything from real estate information to personal blogs — its not an issue at all.

Anyway the cost for putting up a link on a PR7 page will amount to USD280. That’s quite a sum, but I am willing to invest on it. I am sure it will produce results in the next Google PR update.


    1. hi,
      if i review your website is there any chance of getting backlink?


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    3. What is recommended? I’ve submitted, to one directory website, about 10 times. Is this too many times? I don’t want to overdue it but I’m trying to gain ranking and SEO my homepage.

    4. Do directories like yellowbot, illimirate, or searchsight help me with google page rank?

    5. I’m doing work for an SEO company and they want me to do link submission for some of their clients. I want to avoid submitting them to link farms since generally those are penalized by search engines, but how do I tell if a site is a link farm or a genuine directory? Are there certain things to look for? What’s the quickest way to recognize one?
      Its not spamming… we submit to relevent, specific directories. The company we submit fits into the categories they’re being submitted to and help customers that actually want the services to find them. We dont’ submit to every site we see… just the relevent ones.

    6. I would like to hire someone to do link submission for me. However, I do not really know how much is expected of them. I would like to know what is the average hourly output ( # of links) ?

      Any ideas anyone?

    7. 1. May i know if i buy 100 pr5 backlinks for my website today, how long google will change my page rank?

      2. Also, if i submit my website to one pr7 website and one pr6 website, about 20 links of my site inside this 2 pr7 and pr6 website. Can i get my website page rank improve to pr5++ to pr6? I was according to this chart:

      Is this tool accurate enough?

      Many thanks…

    8. If the spot isn’t an html address, could you also provide instructions on getting there? I have a myth about batteries that I’d like to see Jamie and Adam test.

    9. My ask link is not showing up either. I have both options checked in the “Community” tab, and people can submit and ask if they put /ask or /submit after my url.

      By why aren’t the links showing up on the blog? Any advice you can offer would be most helpful! THANKS!

    10. i Need Submission Service, Link Building professional Services for My New website, does anybody know where to find the best professional Submission Service, Link Building services?


    11. Has anyone come across any non spammy ones? I need some that are for regularly updated higher page ranking stories, not directories or ones with broken links, as that’s all I seem to find on google. Or does anyone know any good blogs where I could find out.

    12. One of the courses I follow said to submit my website to directories for getting ranked in google, I use ineedhits services because they are experts and do it for a good price and I don’t know how to do it, so is submitting to directories and Link building the same thing or not.

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