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    1. i have a purple cable that hooks into the gba i need to know how to trade from ruby to gale of d. without erasing any data!

    2. It only lasts for a split second, a pinky purple road map shape, maybe it’s the blood vessles in the back of my eyes. Any idea why I get this and what it is?

    3. Sometines when the light changes from Bright to dark (like in a play or a movie) for about 30 seconds I see two faint purple rings IN my eyes. does this happen to anyone else?

    4. Majestic

      My realm; moon has long furtively kissed the pearls
      Dawn’s musical bells gently toll at my throne
      In its beauteous royal blue, universe shown
      Hues, gray, blue, orange, purple, darkness atones
      Arise I from east, life enhancing rays unfurl.

    5. It only lasts for a split second, a pinky purple road map shape, maybe it’s the blood vessles in the back of my eyes. Any idea why I get this and what it is?

    6. I have purple under my eyes and I drink TONS of water get ALOT of sleep but it doesn’t seem to be going away. What are some easy ways to get rid of them? It’s really annoying and embarrassing. Please help?

    7. Both me and my cousin see these colorful “particles” floating in the dark. They are sorta like the colors you see when you press your thumb against your eyelid kinda hard except we just see them without doing that. Most people would just see darkness but we see things like little flashing purple circles that dissolve into colorful sparkles. I always thought that only I could see them but I recently found out my cousin could too. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

    8. My teacher gave me back a short scene that i was supposed to write about Gatsby and Daisy from Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby before Gatsby leaves for the war. She gave me a 10+ out of 10 for it, and commented extremely well done. But, then she wrote Wonderful Purple prose! I’ve read about what purple prose means, and im really confused as to what she meant to say..

      Here is the scene:
      Scene between Daisy and Gatsby before he left for overseas
      A cool November breeze was rustling its leafy companions making them tremble and fall. Their murmurs grew loud as they fell like wild, glowing gold and red ember s onto the dirt road. The road’s solitary occupants were strolling in step with one another; beat for beat, in their own unspoken melody. He was a man sculpted for duty, his chiselled features and intelligent eyes were wiser than their years. She on the other hand, was the opposite. Her petite feminine body, child-like naivety and her soft voice spoke of her wealthy yet carefree existence. Daisy’s eyes sparkled, her dark tresses settled onto her back and Gatsby could not look anywhere else. Her childish laughter sprang alive and her full lips broke into a smile. She had no idea, yet. Winds glowered and whirled around the couple, tugging a line of fallen leaves in their wake.

      Without hesitation, Gatsby captured her lips with a searing kiss, and slowly pulled away, a sad smile etched across his face. “Daisy, I’ve been trying to tell you this for ages, I’ve been called back again”, Daisy’s bright smile faltered, abruptly dulled and she spoke like an innocent child before an adult, “Called back? For what?” Gatsby’s long sigh filled the air and he whispered this time, “Back to the war”, he paused, and then, “Listen, Daisy, I h-have given up my whole life for this, my family, hopes and dreams for my country. I know, I know that we love each other now and forever more, but my first love was and always will be my country”. Daisy’s eyes were sparkling again, but this time with tears, she moved to speak, but she was cut off by Gatsby again. This time his voice baritone increased with each word, “I have to go back. If you love me enough Daisy, you will let me go back.” It was a statement, not a question and Daisy understood.

      “Then let us remember this evening forever Jay, for I never will stop loving you”, “And neither shall I” replied Gatsby, embracing her in his arms. They walked again, whispering sweet nothings, hand in hand to the old boathouse and rented the beautiful Christine in all her glory. Daisy’s curls bounced as she placed herself in the boat and Gatsby joined her in grace. As their boat moved farther and farther away from shore, the glowing ball of orange began its journey toward the horizon. The two lovers were seen in the distance, their shadows dancing upon the shimmering lake as the dimming sun departed from sight. A melody of monotonous sounds hummed in the distance, and the moon which held no mirth for its cloudy occupants, vanished into darkness.

    9. i’ve tried purple rom and other sites. there was one big file but it keeps opening in VLC player and it won’t open properly on Dolphin. it’s in .rar format.. i’m on a mac btw o.o

    10. the one when u firgt w/donald and goofy in a new world right after u beat darkness the second time

    11. I also saw a pair of purple eyes. Two different dreams. The green eyes belonged to handsome man and he was just walking with me in a grass-field. Though I must say the scene was blurry, like a darkness was covering the scene and his eyes shone through.

      For the purple i Just saw the eyes. ANyone know what this could mean?

    12. Just curious. I have been having a peculiar vision recently, and was wondering if anyone had a similar experience.

      This has been my experience:

      For some reason when I close my eyes I see millions of minute color explosions popping in and out, back and forth, changing incredibly fast from one color to the next. It looks like 3?D static but with every color, and the size of the points changes as well, growing and shrinking really fast. The sum of the field approximates “black”, but it is definitely not solid.

      If I focus long enough, (rather non-focus, it’s more of a passive seeing rather than looking process) a very deep purple pulsating “cloud/flame” begins to dominate the field. It appears like the ripples of pond spreading out from the center, but it’s edges spread more like fire rather than being round, and it dissolves out as it spreads. It’s as if there were a leaky faucet above a pond, and there is definitely a very slow frequency associated with it, ~1 pulse/4 seconds or so.

      Focusing (letting the seer look) on this purple flame-orb, and other colors start to appear within it, shifting from light-purple through blue, green, red, orange, and then white. But when white begins to appear a “crystal-like structure” begins to appear as well, very small at first, with the faces reorganizing themselves randomly, and the colors of each face changing through all colors, excluding black.

      This crystal, if permitted to grow (the will seems to want to collapse it) it begins to take on what I guess could be described as random rotating patterns of shape and color, with “fountain-like” streams and loops. There is some form of transparency or something as well, for some reason it is possible to see many opposing faces as once, and forms combine and intersect to form regions of differing colors and shapes.

      This is not my imagination (the images are being formed in the “vision center” rather than the mind or abstraction center, and there is no conscious direction of them. An image in the imagination appears more general and static, whereas this appears and changes in real-time, and is extremely detailed.

      If you have had an experience similar to this, I would greatly appreciate your input on the matter.

    13. Under my eyes it’s dark noticeable purple. it’s not from not getting enough sleep or not eating enough fruit. It’s just always been naturally like that. Is there anyway to get rid of the darkness or a least make it less noticeable. Btw I’m a teen if that makes a difference

    14. i usualy wake up & its always purple/darkblue under my eye… any ways of getting rid of it or any tips.

    15. I cut my finger and didn’t clean it. The next day at night the cut was a little red and swollen. I noticed two veins leading from the cut had turned a very dark blue/purple color. A couple days later I noticed that the darkness in the veins is going further up my finger and now into the veins on my hand?is this an infection going to my heart? I had a tetanus shot 1 month ago.

    16. I have this jacket that I want to dye, it’s a weird bluish-purple color and looks weird on me. I want to dye it black, but I don’t want to dye the logo (which is white) Is there any way I can do this?

    17. Hi,
      I ordered some purple hornet zoanthids online, and when they arrived they were kinda in shock. I was told that an iodine dip might work. Anybody have any solutions?
      I dripped them with the lights off in my room, and with my tank lights off.

    18. Don’t give examples such as the absence of color in white light. Is it that light which determines what a color is to be seen as ?

    19. I remember a purple eevee looking pokemon that was purple with white fur around its neck and a moon or something on its head.

      What is it called and is it a pokemon?

      Im starting to think it is my imagination- I probably morphed that sailor moon cat and Eeveen together somehow

    20. I have brown eyes with a hint of orange to them. My skin tone is light pinky-olive and I have dark brown hair. I have noticed that browns that have any purple to them are bad for me because they accentuate the darkness under my eyes. Any suggestions for eyeshadow and eye liner colors… or products?

    21. I have very fair skin and I am definitely a cool undertone so I use the lightest shade of bare minerals, which is a cool undertone. But afterwards, my face looks too pink and washed out, and I’ve got too much darkness around my eyes. I am wondering if I should be using makeup with neutral or yellow undertones in it? Please help me out with this! Thanks! 🙂

    22. In the light my eyes appear bright green, but in the darkness or from far away they appear honey brown. I’m running out of complimentary eye pigment ideas. Any suggestions?

    23. I don’t know if it’s normal or if it’s just my eyes have poor vision in the dark, but in pitch darkness, I see specks of color (which I know aren’t really there) and when I close my eyes, I see random purples and dark colors kinda swirl around each other. Is this normal??

    24. I’ve forgotten how i changed it all purple & green, and it definitely wasn’t in the control panel.


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