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Purple Maple is a 3-columns, widgets-ready theme that supports the latest WordPress 2.3 and is backwards-compatible as well. It comes with a unique purple colour look with yellow tinges which makes it easy to read. Suitable as a personal blog or for blogs with a teenage or young adult taste.

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    1. My hair is currently dyed a dark red/purple colour, I would like to dye it a brighter, redder colour, but my roots are starting to show and my natural hair colour is a dirty blonde, how can I do that without making the roots a different colour from the rest of my hair?
      And I don’t want to go to a salon, I wouldn’t be asking if I did.

    2. My husband is in the army and he i having bad pains in his legs and feet and they doctors told him it was athlete’s foot, can it cause red purple color in legs and cause swelling? We dont think that is what it is, he is currently in afghanistan right now so we need to get some good answers just in case it is something bad!
      found out wat it was…thanks everyone!
      his athlete’s foot caused cellulitis.

    3. I really like my eyes, they’re big and green but the puffiness and purple color under them makes them look smaller and bad. I don’t get much sleep and I can’t do much about that. Any help?

    4. Me and my friends were invited to a party. The dress code is formal. My friend only has a purple colored shirt, which he got from his girlfriend as a present. He tells me that he won’t go to the party because he will look gay wearing a purple colored long sleeved shirt and black pants. He says that if you combine black and purple, you’ll look even more gay.

      Anyways, do people really think that guys who wear purple look gay?

    5. Recently, I have noticed a purple colored rash on and around my genital area. It is causing severe burning pain around my “family jewls.” I get frequent headaches (dizzyness), nausous feelings, and extreme cold sweat. I cant find anything on the internet and was wondering if any one knows what is wrong with me.

    6. Usually, we turn a blue-purple colour when we are strangled, so therefore would that mean that a smurf would turn human colour or would it turn pale because it has died?

    7. The long eggplant supposes to be whole purple color by image of the seeds package.
      However, when they have grown, the brown lines appeared in the eggplants.
      The brown lines looks like cracks. But there are no clefts and the texture is bumpy.

      Here are the images I uploaded to the website.
      They are the top of the first pages.

    8. My living and dining rooms run into each other. We just painted the living room Palisade by Sherwin Willams and I am thinking that I want a dusky lavender or purple grey color for the dining room. Does anyone have any ideas for colors?

    9. I am an avid gardener, and had some beautiful tall fat gladioli in various colours, peach, cream with pink tinge on the edge, blood red, yellow. They were those colours for about 4 years. Suddenly this year they have all come out early by about 2 months, and are all a flourescent purple magenta colour.
      Whilst they are very pretty. I would have prefered they had stayed the colours that I chose.
      Thanks ED SNOW, I live in Devon. I do remember my daughter giving me some gladioli last year that she bought a bulk lot of, perhaps some of them are those. However,I do know I planted some gorgeous bright pink, flame coloured ones by my front gate and no others. I shall just have to wait and see, normally the Gladi’s are out in July here.

    10. the area around my vagina is a purple color compared to the rest of my skin tone color..why did this happen? and how can i make it back to my regular skin tone color?

    11. Someone I know has just experienced their finger nails go a dark purple colour, accompanied by a racing heartbeat. She does suffer from ‘Lupus Erythematosus’, I was just wondering whether this could have anything to do with her condition at all?? (Only serious responses welcome, please!)

    12. If someone could explain as detailed as possible, I’m quite sure it has to do with light energy hitting the metals in solutions, their electrons being given energy and in return these electrons jump from one energy level to another which emits deep bluey purple colours in the visable spectrum.

    13. My daughters want pink and purple colored clip-in hair extensions for Christmas. I need help! Where can I buy these on-line? I’m looking for some that will last because they love to flat iron and curl their hair.

    14. OK i have a recital and we have a purple sparkly dress that is our uniform i need eye shadow that matches with it do u know of any eye shadow brand that include both blue and purple colors in one palette. Plz make sure it can be found in stores in CA.

    15. Okay so I’m going to redo my room soon and I would like to paint my walls a dark purple colour, but I also want a feature wall which will be the one my bed is up against. What colour should I paint it? Also should I get carpet or floorboards and if carpet what colour?

    16. I am making a birthday cake for my son. I planned on doing a nighttime pumpkin patch scene. I am using Pillsbury vanilla frosting and food coloring to get a deep vibrant blueish/purple color. Well, I kept adding blue and red food coloring to the frosting and ended up using the full tube of both colors and it is still not the right color. It is coming out a dull greyish purple. How do I achieve the look I am going for? THANK YOU

    17. Im 13 years old, and I pretty much have always had this. Under my eyes theres a smudge of purple color, with a few really purple veins. I hate this and think it looks ugly!! Yes, my skin is really hard to get sunburned or tan, if it makes a difference… Help? Thank you thank you!!
      Jeez, Im not on drugs or anything, Im 13! How sick are you?!!

    18. Well, I’ve seen alot of advice from people on getting rid of the purple color underneath our eyes. But, why do we get it? For me personally, it can’t be because a lack of sleep (I get plenty/enough).

      What can I do (naturally) to get rid of it? No make-up concealing tips.

    19. I’m thinking about getting purple colored contacts but would people consider me gay or something?

    20. How do you like the PURPLE FANTASIA colour in Hyundai Verna? I like it very much, but am nervous as no one else has it in my town. Everyone has either white or silver coloured cars. Thanks to anyone who answers this! I need the reply soon!

    21. I do not have bags as such, just a dark purple colour under my eyes. what would be the best medications or methods to get rid of them?
      I do get 8-10 hours of sleep every night so it cannot be lack of sleep.

    22. I changed the sheets on my bed maybe 3 times and a purple color keeps on popping up. I know my sheets are cleans and everything but what is the cause of this. Somebody please help me

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