Qualified for a Nuffnang cheque

Finally I qualified for a Nuffnang cheque, since starting to serve their ads on thr 25th of March 2007. Not bad, I think. But I will not cash in the cheque just yet. I will wait until it accumulates to at least RM200 before I click on the link to initiate the sending of the cheque. Its not that I need the money for prom pictures anyway.

One thing I noticed, however, that the CPC campaigns are not working too well for me. Nuffnang pays quite well per click but heck, even my Google Adsense performs better. Perhaps I need to do something about placement or make mention of the advertiser at least to encourage people to click on the advertisement. Oh yes, since you are reading this, will you be so kind as to support the Nuffnang advertiser of the week in my sidebar?


    1. Do you mean you only make money if someone clicks on the advert? And do you understand the whole ‘band’ thingy? what does band 5 mean? So clueless la me :p

    2. Band 5 means you did very well in your MUET examination. Hahaha. Seriously, the give Bands to nuffnangers based on unique visits. Band 1 get lower pay while band 2 get a bit higher and so on. CIAO

    3. Hi,
      My dad is writing a cheque for me tomorrow to pay my rent he and i both have natwest accounts. Only problem is Rent is due tomorrow. Will the cheque clear tomorrow because we have the same bank?

      If i cant have the money the same day i will have to go to a cheque cashing company. Does anyone know what i might need to take?

      Advice please.

    4. Basically, my relative has an outstanding car loan amount. He retired recently and can’t afford the high interest rates. So we are planning to close the loan account by paying the entire outstanding amount for which I’ll be paying using a cheque from my account. My question is can a third party issue cheque to clear an outstanding car loan?

    5. The cheque that was lost was on the previous month’s bank reconciliation and did not appear on the current months bank statement. A new cheque was then issued to replace the lost cheque.

      The cheque that was lost was to pay a creditor.

      If I have it correct you need to cancel the lost cheque in the cash book under receipts and enter the new cheque in the cash book under payments. No changes are made to the current bank reconciliation statement.

    6. Need to pay money to school by Thursday and paid cheque in previous Friday, will the cheque have cleared?

    7. I got a refund for something and they mailed a cheque, I’m just worried it might get lost in the mail. If its lost in the mail what do I do? Will they send me another cheque?

    8. I have about 200+ unique visitors every week but my payment still says 00.00 AUD. The settings are on CPC Ads and I’ve done the surveys already.

    9. Choose one of the following, and explain in detail why you think your choice is better than the others, okay?

      – LiveJournal
      – Blogger
      – Blogspot
      – WordPress
      – Xanga
      – Tumblr
      – Any sites that you know of

      Which is free for user sign-up? Which offers the best customizable templates or themes? Which enables free-account users to add Nuffnang or Google Adsense ads to their blogs?

      Really appreciate your input!

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