Right Blue Theme for WordPress


Right Blue is our latest theme release coded for WordPress 2.3 to be made available for sponsorship. This is a 2-column theme, valid XHTML and CSS, widgets-ready and in a uniquely designed with a nice blue background and a Web 2.0 look.

See the demo and download the file.


    1. I saw some mags i wanted to buy on this site, but i forgot the name!! It was a common one with a blue background.

      Thanks in advance

    2. The people on the weather channel use it to make their blue/green background into the weather forecast. What program can do that?

    3. There’s a flag I can’t identify. It has 25 stars on it in a circle pattern with a dark blue background.
      There’s a flag I can’t identify. It has 25 stars on it in a circle pattern with a dark blue background.

      EDIT: The stars are white, there are definitely 25 of them, and it is /not/ the European union flag.

    4. I’m writing my “All About Me”, and the writing text is on some blue background, but I want it on the regular white background. How can I do that?


    5. When I type in the General, Television, Books, etc there is a light blue background and header behind the words, how can I hide this?

    6. I am using Vista 64bit Home Premium using internet explorer 7. Certain websites the background is blue and I cannot read the text. But when I use firefox the websites are fine. I have removed all toolbars from my IE7 and still coming up with blue backgrounds on certain sites like yahoo home page for example. Is their any suggestions to fix explore?

    7. What is a good color to put on a dark blue background? I need to write on a dark blue background for a presentation…and I DO NOT want to use white…

    8. Hi. I have a blog which i installed wordpress. So far so good. Except that wordpress stats shows me the visits and i want it to show how many visitors visited my blog. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot.

    9. ; foreground similar blue.
      when cut to shape, a bit of white background for shape outline.
      Is this professional for corporate logo? What happen if foreground and background are same colour?

    10. Like on your myspace profile..
      You write something in your books, TV, heros, Etc. ..
      && there is the title for each beside it && the blue background box.
      I want to remove those two things but keep what I wrote inside..
      Like remove the titles && make the blue background box transparent…

    11. Not sure how to explain this but on some videos I see people can enter text as a opening or conclusion on a lot of videos ive seen its been a blue background with white text. Does anyone know how to edit videos like this? Thanks

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