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If you are setting up an online store but do not want to spend too much for hosting solutions and online software, there may be a solution for you that fits the bill. Ashop Commerce is a web-based, self-hosted shopping cart software and hence no installation is required to use it. This is a distinct advantage that this software has over the various e-commerce softwares that there are released out there.

The various features in Ashop Commerce are seamless and award-winning, recognised by everyone in the industry. Security is of course an important feature for any e-commerce software and Ashop Commerce is no exception to the rule. With their 128-bit SSL checkout security and full fraud alerts, a merchant can be rest assured that their transactions will be safe and secure. Their customers are also able to be easily persuaded to use the features of Ashop Commerce. With all the features that can be found in Ashop Commerce, why not try it out?


    1. I need to know what the best open-source shopping cart software is. I looked at Zen Cart but it’s not something I do often and don’t know which to use.

    2. Hello,

      I am looking for a shopping cart software that can do lots of good reporting and has a refer a friend program. Any suggestions?

    3. Hi I have about 1,000 products to sell and was wondering if I could get some suggestions of the best shopping cart software to use… I have had a look at Actinic is there any better?

    4. I am looking for shopping cart software that will include order processing and be able to accept paypal and credit/ debit cards for my business that offers information and sells products, can you recomend any websites that offer this service preferarbley with a demo but not essential, thanks.

    5. I am looking for a reliable and inexpensive shopping cart software/CMS/Hosting service in Australia – does anyone know any?

    6. im buying an iphone today then downloading the SH@t out of internet cant wait. but i just want to know if there is a way to find out what shopping cart software a website is using like zencart or oscomerce or cube and so on. u know what i mean. cheers.

    7. I am a graphic designer that sells invites and favors online-I am looking to use a shopping cart software so I don’t have to keep manually entering all the information-I think it also looks cheap. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good shopping cart program I could use…that is inexpensive..that I could use with the layout I already have for my website. right now i have paypal checkout.

    8. What is a good shopping cart software for small business with a few products only?

      What I am looking for:

      – the shopping cart to be easy to customize, in other words the template to look like my site
      – works with link point
      – my distributor to get emails of the orders but without to log in with the admin username
      – affordable price
      – to be hosted in secure server


    9. I have an ecommerce site right now, and I am shopping for new shopping cart software. What is the best out there both price wise, and quality wise? I really need some input from those with some experience with the products. Thanks!

    10. All I want to know is how many different things are needed to create a eCommerce website, I know a Shopping Cart software is needed in order to add products to your website, create orders, etc. Besides a Shopping Cart, what other software’s or components are needed to create a basic eCommerce website?

      Any information would be appreciated, thanks

    11. Something like what and offers. No free shopping cart softwares because they do not allow custom modifications to the software. Most cost $999 per license but we need multiple stores and $1k per does not sit well with us. Let us know if you know any

    12. Hi there. I am starting an online boutique in Australia and have no technical knowledge. Does anyone know what would be a good shopping cart software to use to set up and host my store in Australia? I was looking at Big Commerce but they are a US only site.

    13. is there any shopping cart software specifically designed for pizza ordering online? it has to have features like customizing toppings etc.
      well how hard is it to customize a regular shopping cart for this purpose then?

    14. I know of Oscommerce and Zencart. Looking for a few more

      Looking to do some shopping cart adminstrative tweaks to meet our requirements of processing orders. No shopping cart is build to do what we need it to do so looking for some that can be tweaked. Thanks in advance

    15. Hi i’m thinking about getting a shopping cart website, and i was just wondering if anyone has used the absolute shopping cart software, and what they thought of it and the customer service that’s available.

    16. Is there a platform or shopping cart software that will let you put Call for Price instead of a number for some of the products in your store? Currently using Vendio stores which is great, but they don’t have this feature, and need to put 1,700 products that change price too often to put the price on the store each time they change.(also have 2,000 products that have fixed prices). Any referrals would be appreciated.

    17. I want to create a shopping cart feature into my website, I think I need a shopping cart creator software but i dont know which software is the best and easy to use. Who knows a bout this ,please share with me about that

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