Silly kid trying to shake a PR5 blogger

Seems to be an in-thing these days, some stupid kid trying to attack an established PR5 blogger. I have dealt with this here and here. I am tempted to post the video here but I am deciding against it. After all, what will be the point entertaining this discredited individual? I think flexing my blogging muscles as it stands now is more than enough to destroy this person’s reputation and expose him as the liar that he is. You may go to the links above if you are wondering what the fuss is all about.

Anyway, on with the usual programme. Today, I have taken some job offers from Blogitive and V7N Contextual. The total amount of earnings, if approved, will be around $70 for today. That is a good deal, I believe. I still have about three more job offers from Blogitive and I have only 12 hours left to complete it. So I better get going, toodle doo!


    1. I have an ipod touch and i want my music videos that i downloaded to appear in the music video playlist instead of under “Videos”. I know music videos that you download from iTunes go there but is there a way to put my own videos there?
      I already know how to put videos on my iPod. I just want them in a different place.

    2. I’m trying to make a music video but I only have a non-digital video camera. How do I put the videos in my computer? Also, the graphics on the camera are really bad. Is there any way to make the video look better when it’s on the computer?

    3. So.. I make videos on youtube. But I want it to have the button so my subscribers can watch the video if they choose in HD. I’ve been searching for a way but the ways I watched are not for VIDEO CAMERAS. I can’t buy a new video recorder or whatever because my family won’t let me, so could you guys tell me how to make my videos on windows movie maker with a video camera? Thank you in advance!

    4. There’s this kid at my school that annoys me and my best friend and I really hate him, and so does my friend. It seems like it’s his job to irritate us.
      I want to get him back and pull a prank on him, where he wont know it’s me.
      Something sneaky. Thanks!!!!

    5. How do i upload videos from my phone to my computer?
      I have an env3 and I want to put the videos I’ve recorded onto my computer to edit them in windows movie maker, and eventually put them on the internet. I can plug in my phone using a USB cable and I have an hp computer with windows vista, if that affects anything.

      Can you tell me how to transfer the videos from my phone to my computer?

      Additional Details
      **note: this phone isn’t under a contract anymore and i can’t send messages with the videos in them.

    6. I can load videos from a digital camera and save them but I don’t know how to load videos from a video tape recorder camera and save them.

    7. I have uploaded many youtube videos and I also have downloaded many youtube videos. When I upload a video to youtube, it’s quality gets compressed. Even if you press the HQ button and view the video, it is not as much quality as my original file.

      So the same happens for all the uploaded video right? So, is there any way in which I can download other videos in original high quality?

      Thanks in advance.

    8. How do I play videos which I saved as my favorites? I just see links of the videos on the favorites section and I cannot play the music video when I click on the links. It is a hassle to go back to the video database and look for the video I have already selected as my favorite.

    9. Whenever I try watching videos on You Tube, the videos always freeze or pause. I tried letting the whole video load completely before clicking “Play” again, but the same thing happens. How do I get the video to play smoothly without pausing, freezing or stuttering?

    10. Whenever I upload videos from my video camera (mini-DV) a 1 hour video occupies so much space (around 24GB). I cannot burn that much in one DVD of which has only around 4.7GB capacity. How can I convert the video to something smaller without reducing the quality so that this 1 hour video can fit in 1 DVD.

    11. I want to know if widows maker will let me use youtube videos on it?If not where can I do it so I can put videos on my highlight video I am trying to make?

    12. I use thepiratebay, and utorrent to download music and videos. But my Windows Media player won’t play the movies I download. Is there an alternative video player I can use?

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