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A lot of people in life look for that place where they belong. For some people they need to find a Webmaster Forum where they belong. That’s where the forum SiteReviver comes in. You always feel welcome when the administrator (Jani) takes time out of his day and responds to every thread. It is important for a forum to have an owner who wants to participate in discussions. It shows users that they are actually wanted on the forum.

It also holds a great Marketplace, which often gets you great deals on Domains & Sites or just buying articles. If you need to sell your domain, this is the place to do it. Unlike other forums where your thread will get trampled on, here people will actually read it and decide if they want to buy it. So if your all about making money there’s another reason to join the forums.

If you are looking for a Webmaster Forum to join you should choose SiteReviver because of their: (1) Friendly Owner, (2) Great Marketplace & (3) Good Moderators. Good Moderators mean that they will treat the users well and are good at what they do.

So why not join this Webmaster Forum?


    1. Thank you for writing good words about us. We are glad to see people happy with our efforts to make a better platform for webmasters where they enjoy.


    2. We have launched this webmaster forum for 3 months. So far we got about 3500+ threads, 22000 posts, 650+ members. As a startup not bad I think.

      We are running contests every month, which is helping to some extent.

      What other marketing methods can we use to give the forum a boost?

    3. I work for – an affiliate network. I am new in the Affiliate Business and I would like to know people who share the same passion.

    4. Just wondering if there was anything I could do legally about a webmaster of a local forum using my real name to the public forum.
      I was an old member of the forum who was banned. I no longer go to the forum but there is someone else who they now think must be me. So the webmaster is using my real full name and speaking about me being in prison and such.
      I live in a small town so I was just wondering what I could do about this. Any help would be more than helpful. thanks!

    5. One big concern for many (if not all) Internet forums is the threat of ban evaders. If someone gets banned from a forum, it is really easy for them to change their IP address, create a new account, and act like a different person.

      How do forum moderators and administrators tell who’s a ban evader and who’s a legitimate new user?

    6. They unfairly banned me. I need another place to sell my articles fast. I need to know another forum that gets so much traffic. PLZ help, this is how I make a living

    7. Hello,
      I wanna ask you what to do to find more members for my webmaster SEO forum I hope you can help me somehow. Also, if you want, can you please register there and also post something interesting.

      Much Regards,

      Denis Corkovic

    8. I have joined many, and none have been right. For me, a good webmaster forum requires:

      – Many members (for a variety of responses)
      – Active Forum (people actually use it)
      – Categorized Well (so i can easily find what i need)
      – Helpful (the forum needs to be helpful. i need good answers that don’t take forever to get)


    9. I have joined many, and none have been right. For me, a good webmaster forum requires:

      – Many members (for a variety of responses)
      – Active Forum (people actually use it)
      – Categorized Well (so i can easily find what i need)
      – Helpful (the forum needs to be helpful. i need good answers that don’t take forever to get)


    10. Hey guys,

      I want to advertise(banner type) my new webmaster discussion forum( but I’m not sure what is the best category websites to do so. I think its not a good idea to advertise to places with the same thematic. The site is about programming, web designing, hosting, SEO/SEM and related ones. I will be more than happy if you post a detailed info(websites) where I can start doing it. Of course, we talk about paid advertising, not freebies.
      If any question: MSN

    11. I don’t know anything about sports, but I need to find out the best football / sports bloggers’ email addresses ASAP. Any related info on how best to give them tips or news posted would be helpful.

    12. I’ve NO idea why i’ve been banned. I never say anything harsh. And i tried logging onto a forum today, because i haven’t been on for ages. And when i tried to it said i’d been banned! It says to contact the webmaster or admin, but i can click any links on the forum without it saying the “YOU ARE BANNED” message 🙁

    13. I just read how Howard Dean paid bloggers $3000 a month to say positive things about him on the internet! Is this what Hilary and Barak are doing? Why do people support these fakes?

    14. These people thrive on *gotcha moments* from Conservative talking heads like Rush, Beck, O’Reilly, etc. Why arent we seeing any *Gotcha moments* about BECK?

      Anything in the last 3 weeks from Beck’s mouth that the bloggers on Kos or Media Matters talking about?

    15. I want to create my own bloggers community and buddy press seems like it could be fun and easy to use. Do you think it would be a good to use?

    16. I want to know which blogging website offers the most possibilities for us non programmer bloggers. Any suggestions?

    17. It used to be that blogs were little more than people’s boring online diaries. Now there are so many excellent political and critical blogs that are frequently referred to in the ‘serious’ press.

    18. I’ve been asked to review a website and was told to suggest an amount as compensation for my time. What’s the typical pay for this sort of work?

    19. I have joined many, and none have been right. For me, a good webmaster forum requires:

      – Many members (for a variety of responses)
      – Active Forum (people actually use it)
      – Categorized Well (so i can easily find what i need)
      – Helpful (the forum needs to be helpful. i need good answers that don’t take forever to get)


    20. The uhm wtf blog is offering a prize for bloggers, we haven’t announced yet but we want to throw in a bonus prize, so what else should we throw in?

      It’s already a $50 surprise gift card.

    21. I’m the owner of blogengage, a social networking website I created for bloggers.

      My issue right now is reaching more bloggers without a marketing budget. I’ve marketed in major forums, social communities and directories. I find my free resources are running out.

      Any suggestions on how Ic an reach more bloggers?

    22. I always see it and it makes no sense for bloggers to call rappers fake like they’re in the streets themselves.I don’t question there backgrounds neither cause it makes no sense

    23. I have some blogging concept, which can be beneficial for all involved, but for that i need bloggers, where can i find people who are bloggers, and want to try my earning concept online via blogging. Only sharp bloggers can understand my concept. My Proposal is open for all people who blogs. interested. Plz Help me out.

    24. I am writing a citation paper on How important blogging is in China today and how it is used more critically in China rather than to US. To end my paper I’ve trying to answer this question Where are Chinese Bloggers going in the future? If any one has any input or knows of any sites where I can find information that would help so much.

    25. We have a brand new blog site. Is there a site on I can go to for research on the steps and how we start making our blog site profitable? NEW AT THIS! Thanks.

    26. I’m referring to sites where multiple bloggers are contracted with to post periodic blog entries… Do these sites usually just pay per post, or do they pay per hour? What about incentive bonuses for a really successful blog posts? Thank you!

    27. I want to send them my new website which is like google adsense, and I wnat to promote it to those bloggers who want to earn.

    28. Apart from knowledge of the particular subject, of course.

      And what is the potential maximum earn for good and professional bloggers?

    29. Who are your favorite DIY home improvement bloggers? Who do you trust for info about sprucing up your home? Thanks!

    30. I want to start my own sports blog, and I need web hosting to do it. What is the best web hosting out there now? Are there any web hosts where you can preorder web hosting for someone else as a gift, or where you can buy a web hosting gift card? I might want web hosting for Christmas if it’s possible to do.

    31. I enabled comments on my blogger page but it only shows the comments link, and when it’s clicked, a new page opens to show the comments. Is there a way to just have the comments show on my main page right underneath the blog, I don’t want just a link to the comments page.

    32. While the Chinese Internet Police Force continues to censor the Internet, blocking websites that are critical of the Chinese Communist Party, many bloggers based in China find ways and means to post such content on the Internet.

      Don’t you think that such bloggers pose a definite threat to our harmonization effort?

    33. I always used to think that, while, the first word meant a person who blogs, the second word stood for a blog hosting site! Now, I am utterly confused because my uncle tells me, that both of them are the same hosting site for those who blog with Google using blogger/blogspot! Can somebody with authentic knowledge please help me resolve my doubt? Please take my question seriously and “I earnestly request” Y!A members to respond with discreet academic answers, following community guidelines.

    34. The screen in my blogger website is way too small. I don’t know how to make it bigger, do you guys know how to make blogger videos in your site bigger?

    35. I made a blogger account a few months ago, and i added some pictures to my sidebar and don’t know how to remove them. I used the image hosting site ‘Photobucket’ to put the pictures on my blog, and put my login information there nd they did it for me. I don’t like how one of the pictures look and I really want to remove/delete it. Help? Thanks.

    36. Our business has been mentioned on a blog in a negative way and I am not sure how I can get the anonymous blogger to remove the post.
      I’ve emailed her but have had no response. What are my options and what should my next step be?

    37. 1.What are the minimum number of posts we should have before submiting for adsense?
      2. How much old the blog domain should be?
      3. How much traffic we need daily?
      4. Is domain must?
      5. What are the other requirements.
      6. Do you already have adsense account?
      I need answer from experienced bloggers. Thank you.

    38. How do bloggers avoid copyright infringement if they take a republished image found on albums such as Pinterest? How can they give credit where it’s due? How can they follow copyright law?

    39. I only want one of my posts to show on my blogger homepage, but it keeps showing the latest one, and I do not want to see that post. What can I do?

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