Some new free WP themes

Here are some WordPress themes which have been released for free by yours truly.

Clean Web 2.0


Ash to Dust






I hope someone out there looking for a free theme will enjoy using one of them as I have enjoyed getting them coded and released for free use by the WordPress community. Consider this my small contribution to the WP community. More free themes will be released in the future.


    1. I have been searching some websites who have about the same themes but at different prices like and Where can I find over 20,000 wordpress themes?

    2. I need to find some good wordpress themes for my blog. I don’t want to paid for themes…is there any site offering free premium wordpress themes?

    3. I have gotten a wordpress theme which I ordered and paid for (no baby themes in the free catagory suited what I wanted)
      I’ve uploaded the theme to my cpanel into the correct folder etc and the theme shows up in my wordpress admin.

      Trouble is the graphics aren’t all showing up and I’m not sure what I need to do next.

      Tried putting url’s of my photo bucket account for the graphics but word press won’t allow me to edit the theme.

      What makes you think I’m new to this. :0

      Help would be much appreciated as I’m about to get carted off by the guys in white coats.
      Yes, I uploaded all the files that came in the zip folder. I just uploaded them in the same folder that they come out of the zip in though. Am I supposed to upload them individually or doe’s it not matter.

      The graphics I’m trying to add to the theme are graphics that go with it.
      I ordered the template

      and had the banner changed. the banner is the main graphic that shows up at the moment, along with the background but about 6 other little bullets and small banner is missing although they are in the file I received.

      I’m not trying to edit in order to change it, just to have it looking as it should.

      I’m not having much luck with word press at all. grrrrrr!
      No! sorry, header isn’t showing up, in fact no graphics that should be are showing up.
      This is all I’m actually getting.

    4. Hi, There are many sites for WordPress themes, But before we decide to buy it we need to have genuine review on that so where can we go for best word-press theme review and buy the suitable one ?

    5. I have found sites provide reviews of WordPress themes but very few of them offer SEO review of WordPress themes. Any of you know a site which offers tons of WordPress theme review in the SEO aspect?

    6. I would like to be able to change the colour of my wordpress sight easily through the dashboard. Do any themes provide this function?

    7. Most of the premium themes out there cost more than $50. I only have a small budget. If anyone can show me where to get cheap premium WordPress theme, it would be appreciated.

    8. How do I get free themes for my Samsung Instinct? I want to get a new theme to make it look cooler and like a jail broken ipod touch or iphone. I don’t want to get a virus or anything either.

    9. I need to find some good wordpress themes for my blog. I don’t want to paid for themes…is there any site offering free premium wordpress themes?

    10. Hi, I want to find some good wordpress themes for my blog. Can someone tell me where I can get premium themes for wordpress 3.4?

    11. I am a graphic designer and i need a personal blog website to display my art, and link sources and lots of other cool stuff. I want to make a website that can install the cool word-press themes. It has to be completely free. I don’t have any hosting or previous website experiences.

      i was hoping to have a website that has only the name i want in the url like

    12. I want to start making money selling wordpress themes, flash website templates, html website templates, … I will eventually make a website and sell them there, including a personalised theme with their logo, …. But I want to make some money to kick start the venture. Where can I sell a few wordpress themes I have made?

    13. Hello, I am looking to start up a product based ecommerce website. Does anyone know of any good FREE wordpress ecommerce themes?

      I appreciate everyones help.

      Thank you

    14. There are all kinds of reviews and recommendations for themes, and most of the themes for free or for sale have demos. Nevertheless, they provide very few details. A theme looks very beautiful but the demo only shows it with images in three columns. Are there six-column options? How can I find out? Some themes, apparently, let you choose font sizes and colors, but others don’t. Where can I get this sort of information?

    15. I need wordpress theme with flash banner , only for websites not for blogging , and it should be free of course.

      Thanks a lot friends.

    16. I want to make my blog more popular, its just about stuff tht happens to me, and its a little annoying not 2 hav ANYONE c it, any suggestions?

    17. I have been meaning to change the appearance of my wordpress blog I wanted to create more traffic to mine, I won’t be promoting here at once because I don’t want my email flooding with hoax wp maker, I just need some suggestions from you guys, please do help me with this.

    18. point me in the right direction? I want to use wordpress and create a magazine style layout with content management system. I have a domain name and I have hosting, but I can’t find anywhere online on how to set it up. I have a free wordpress blog, but that has nothing to do with a magazine style layout where I have about 4-5 different columns, right?

    19. I searched around and downloaded a couple wordpress websites… I installed wordpress on my website but how do take the site that i downloaded and make it into my own that i can edit in wordpress and stuff? Ive tried so many ways and am out of solutions.

      Thanks! 10 points for best answer!!

    20. I am creating a website to showcase handmade jewelry. there is no need for any e-commerce since i will not be listing any prices, it’s merely to be showcased in a “wholesale catalog” type of feel but have the navigation that people used to shopping on-line are accustomed to.

      if anyone can point me in the direction of a free or LOW COST WP-Theme, something that i can modify slightly to suit the logo/branding.. i’d be thankful.

    21. you know, those tags that make people find your blog easier?

      i tried searching google… but everything sounds so confusing S:
      i just want simple tags

    22. So I don’t know if I’m asking for something too specific, but actually I just want a theme that has the posts looking as big as they are on the dashboard, but all around the page instead of one after the other… Kind of like bulked up; and I also wanted it to have an optional bar to see the information, links, etc. but that’s not there when you open the blog so the bar sort of opens when you click a tab or something, or when you pass the mouse over it.

    23. I am looking to start a small software-development business. Though I know how to program applications and software, I am new to website-design, and am looking for a good website builder that will allow me to create a professional-looking website. The website will host scripts that people can use, applications to download, programming tutorials and guides, and more. Website Builders that allow me to edit the CSS & HTML are preferred. Thank you.

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