Sponsored WordPress themes site soon

Buying WordPress themes in PSD, getting them coded and then selling the sponsored links in those themes before releasing them for free has been a steady money-earner for me since the past two months or so. I have earned at least $300 from every three WP themes that I got coded and sold. As of to date, I have a couple of free WordPress themes released but since the crackdown on sponsored themes, it has been hard to get them downloaded by everyone (although that has certainly not affected sales in the least!).

Anyway, I am planning to turn one of my domains into a place where everyone can view the themes that I’ve had coded and released for free thus far. It would be an interesting project with no additional cost since that domain is not fully utilised anyway as of to date. I will be setting up that domain tonight and be putting up the theme files that I have had coded for download at that site. The site will be announced as soon as it goes live.


    1. I need a theme to download, so is there any Good website, where i can download free theme template?

    2. I need to find some good wordpress themes for my blog. I don’t want to paid for themes…is there any site offering free premium wordpress themes?

    3. I remember there was a free wordpress theme website ranked NO.1 in Google when I searched “wordpress theme”, recently, I can not find it. It is lost in Google, who can tell me its homepages and why it is lost in Google?

    4. Hi, There are many sites for WordPress themes, But before we decide to buy it we need to have genuine review on that so where can we go for best word-press theme review and buy the suitable one ?

    5. I am building my website and looking for wordpress themes designed for only iPads (tablets). Where to find these?

      I am only finding ones that are setup traditional style (made for desktop) but then they have them converted or able to read on iPads. I want one that is made for thumb navigation and has the iPad in mind first, smartphone second and then desktop. Because I want my website to look the some on all three platforms.

      Thank you,

    6. I downloaded a wordpress theme, and I did a small modification to the theme somewhere (I’m not sure where) that seemed to have ruined it.

      I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the theme, but the website keeps on returning to the ‘broken’ version which I was supposed to have deleted.

      Does anyone have an idea how I can return it to its factory default or original version?


    7. What are the latest trends in wordpress themes today? I need a pointer on how to make the themes more attractive to buyers?

    8. If you are particularly running one blog spot do you need to interchange the themes? Or getting one fixed wordpress theme is enough? Will the interchanging of theme appearance will cause chaos to your blog site?

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