Yahoo! hacked: Is this the beginning of the end?

At the beginning of 2000, Yahoo! was indisputably the only major search engine that everyone turns to for a solution to their search queries. They also had a solid range of products, ranging from free e-mail services to photo sharing, free web hosting and various other services. Then Google entered the fray and everything has changed since then. The reason for this is simply the lack of innovation on Yahoo’s part and their disinterest in offering something of value for nothing to their users, as what Google is doing currently.

Yahoo! has been going down and down for the past ten years. They have shut down popular services such as Geocities and MyBlogLog, and even sold off Now even their security has been compromised by hackers. When something serious like this happens, users lose their trust in a company and without user support, the company is bound to fail. I forsee this happening to Yahoo! in the not-so-far future.

Yahoo confirms 400,000 accounts hacked, some passwords stolen
By Salvador Rodriguez
July 12, 2012, 10:03 a.m.

Yahoo confirmed 400,000 user names from one of its services were hacked Thursday.

The company said that although the breached accounts include user names from Yahoo and other companies, only 5% of the accounts had valid passwords.

Yahoo said it is working to fix the vulnerability and is changing the passwords of the affected users. The company also said it is notifying other companies whose users may have been affected — earlier we reported that they may include people who use AOL, Gmail, Hotmail and many others.

The hack happened Wednesday, according to Yahoo, which also said it was an older file for Yahoo! Contributor Network that was breached.


Also reported here and here.


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    8. It can happen that a good Yahoo Answers user can have many unfair complaints reported against him. Yahoo doesn’t just stop his ‘Yahoo Answers’ service but also closes his/her email account. I don’t know if this scenario has ever happened but believe it is wrong if a crucial Internet service is removed after other people don’t like your ‘yahoo answers’ opinion. What do you think and how does it work legally?

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    16. Hey gang, I need some expert help here because I am caught in a never ending loop of yahoo’s automated email responses, non of which have anythign to do with my problem.

      Short and sweet, my account got hacked, a guy who had been harassing me and my family had been sending emails to the account. I haven’t used it in years, and when I finally log in and see all these emails, I decide to report them to the police because we KNOW who this guy is. But, mysteriously, the account is closed the next morning when I go to print the emails out. I URGENTLY need these emails. This guy is crazy folks, and he has made me and my family feel scared for years now and it has to stop. The only evidence I have is in this account, that I can only assume he hacked into and closed.

      The whole story. Since 2007 or so, I’ve had some guy who used to send several page long psychotic ranting emails going on and on about me and my personal life. For the first year or so I thought it was just a friend messing with me. It wasn’t. This guy pried into every aspect of my life, contacted my friends, family, etc via email and facebook, trying to find out information about me. I thought it had stopped.

      Last week, I went to visit a buddy on vacation in NYC. While there, my college buddy asked if I got his emai. Nope, I didn’t. He sent it to an OLD yahoo account that I haven’t used in YEARS. It was set up while I was still in high school. So, once I get back home I log back into it to see lots of spam, but also a lot of emails from old friends. It was kind of cool. Then, I notice countless page long emails from this guys many email addresses, going on and on about his crazy psychotic crap, and about how he was talking to my family, how he found a video of me at work on youtube, how he found out where me and my family live, how he took over an old yahoo account of mine that was recent, and how he began to talk to my friends and what awful things they said about me, and on and on and on. A few months ago when he began to talk to my family I realized it was serious and was going to go file a report with the police. But, after all this time I realized I didn’t have much to show them. All of my friends had seen it over the years, they’d spoke to him, etc. but never had any of it been documented where it could be used. Once I logged into this account, I realize it was the documentation I need. Then, mysteriously a day later, when I try to log in, yahoo says the account was closed at my request!!! I NEVER made that request. None of yahoo’s email addresses or phone numbers are getting me anywhere but ignored and irrelevant responses that have nothing to do with what I need. I REALLY need help here. Can someone please tell me how to get yahoo to fix my email account and get me those emails, even if it is only long enough to print them out? PLEASE HELP!

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    27. Is it better to have the same password for everything, or a different one for each website type thing that you join?

    28. Why is that i add my friend on my yahoo messenger list, it got replaced by another friend..
      It keep going on like this..

      How do i fix it?

      Pls help if u know..

      Thank you!

    29. Please help me solve this problem.
      I can use and go to any other yahoo services but when go to yahoo mail, and re-enter my password, The URL shows what it normally should and suddenly changes into:

      before I can see anything. Also, it says on the screen:

      Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

      Please check the URL for proper spelling and capitalization. If you’re having trouble locating a destination on Yahoo!, try visiting the Yahoo! home page or look through a list of Yahoo!’s online services. Also, you may find what you’re looking for if you try searching below.

      I thought my account was hacked or compromised so I quickly changed my password into something more complicated. The last time I used my account was yesterday evening.
      Thankyou for your help.
      I also tried refreshing and other people can login their yahoo mail in this computer easily.

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    31. I went away to go play piano, then I came back to find the most recent question before I refreshed the page to still be at the top of my page after refreshing. I clicked it and it had already gotten 100 answers. Is this a glitch or a hack or something? Also my avatar is going haywire. So is my name.

    32. l mean just read this unbelievable crap…

      “DONT READ THIS A few years ago, two parents went out for dinner. A few hours later, the babysitter was calling? to ask if she could cover? up the? clown statue in the kids’ room, the father said,”Take the kids and get out of the house.? We’ll call the police, we don’t have a clown statue.” The “clown statue” is really a killer that escaped from jail. If you don’t post this letter on to 10 videos tonight, the? clown will be? in your bed at 3:00 am with a chainsaw? in his hand;sorry”

      How the hell can people believe this crap?
      So this person thinks that the clown who escaped from prison sits on the computer and checks if hundreds of people who read the question have posted it 10 times after?

      and what happens if the clown finds out that you didn’t post it 10 times?
      He hacks yahoo emails and checks your letters to find your real name than catches the next plane to your country and comes into your bedroom by 3am?
      and what if 2 people don’t post it on the same day?

      Are the people who come up with this things and he people who believe them mentally retarded?

    33. Alrighty. Well I have a fantasy story that’s been wracking in my head for WAY to long now. It’s time to get it on paper! I just need a bit of assistance fleshing it out and getting feedback on it.

      Anyone interested? PLEASE!?!?!? Thanks:)

    34. How do i create a php page that will automatically redirect & login to a password protected directory on my website, so that the user doesn’t have to input the user & password to access the site.

    35. There’s this girl named Haley that I was best friends with in 6th grade, and I’m going into 7th grade, and she got mad at me because I thought she was a bad friend because she did all this stuff to me and I hated it, and so she’s been turning my bestfriends against me, hacking my yahoo accounts and myspace and gaiaonline accounts and then spreading rumors that I’m lesbian! So, I want to know if I should get her back or just let it go?
      Thanks guys. That really helped. 🙂

    36. We all know they rigged the election both times, and we all know that they rigged the senate vote to authorize the use of force against Iraq, but it seems like they are getting some support here too. Do they have an army of cronies manipulating the “thumb wars” or did they hack into Yahoo’s server?

    37. Ok, I’ve been living here in the usa for almost 14 years. I came to this country with a tourist visa which I over stayed (expiered visa) I was 14 years old when I came here and went to high school and college. I’m 27 now. During my study at my community college I met this girl at a Math class we started going out for 2 years then decided to get married. I filled for the Green Card and got denied then approved for the green card. I got the permanent resident after my marriage within 4 years which is the longest I ever heard, but I did it I have my green card now and I’m still happy married. Before I got married I was living in my parents house and my parents didn’t even have the papers that time and my father was trying to do everything possible to be legal in the usa but he had to leave on a deportation proceedure. So I dealed with it. Seen the INS come to my house and arrested my father and took him for deportation. It was hurtful but I guess this wasnt that bad since my father was illigal.

      The problem now isnt with my family at all. Its actually a problem I’m dealing with my “friend” (a friend in school from the same country as me) but we never really trusted each other. but I can’t just puch away class mates specially when we were together in the same high school. We talk from time to time and always we have an agrument.
      He is 30 years old middle eastern who came in this country on a H1 visa (student visa) then he overstayed his visa (he finished college and never left the country) so he told me the other day that he porbably will get married to an “African American” woman a friend of the family, and that he will pay her $15,000 to marry him and give him the green card.
      Now wait, my father who’s 54 years old got deported cuz he was illigal but never tried to screw over the Immigration, he never wanted to chat the system but my friend seem to want to cheat the system to be legal. I think this is isnt fair but I still don’t believe in calling the INS and reporting him because I dont want him to be screwed like my father. But listen I didn’;t finish

      This friend never been a nice friend to me. He got me to smoke weed (marijuana) when I was in high school and Ecstasy pills but thank god I’m not doing thoses drugs anymore, I’m 27 and I don’t want to end up with a disabled mind. But he’s 30 now and he still abuses drugs he takes ecstasy pill every night and smokes bots alot. So

      Out of no where I see him being extra nice to me in the last couple of days and he said to me that if I ever wanted to take his car anywhere I could in return of some money ($30 for the night or a few hours) I was so bored and took my wife with me for a ride. Came back put enough gas for him unlike he left it empty no gas. I was driving his car so nicely that I treated it as if it was my car.
      After I parked the car by his house he calls me in a few hours later telling me “what da heck happened to the car?!” I was like “What you mean?” I felt something big happened to it after I left it and he’s trying to make me pay for it.
      He said that the car as he turns the ignition on he puts the AC on then the AC turned off completly, then he tried to open the windows the window opens then doesnt work again it got stuck after he opened it he cant close it again. He said that also the car was not shifting from the first gear, he said the “gear box” is messed up also. And the speedomiter where it shows the car speed and gas arent functioning anymore.
      I was like what da hack?! this is imposible because the car was driving perfectly with no problems whatso ever. I honestly thought he lied to me that he wants to screw me over with money or something but I told him and swore to him that I treated this car so good and Its not my fault. He kept yelling and accusing me of speeding and running on pumbs (street bumbs) which I didnt. I told him I didn’t and he said I’m lying. He told me that I’m responsible for it . I didnt do it I don;t know what all of these things happening to the car is because of me. I left the car was in PERFECT condition. I’m sure I would’ve noticed something if it would’ve happened in my presence.
      All these things happened to him and the car didnt break on me at all. I thoiught he’s lying so I went to the street where he lives to see if its true and I saw the car in the street with its windows open, I guess he was right about it but how come when I didnt see anything with it when driving it? again the car was PERFECT when I drove it.

      He was very rude to me and started telling me that I’m a bad driver and that I have a “HISTORY” ((I hate how he said it to me, as if I was a killer or soemthing))
      He doesnt want to believe me and I’m SURE %10000000 that I didnt do anything to his car to do this. I even told him “why did this happen to you and not me?!”

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